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I'm on a FanArt roll! Please vote what you would like to see most <3 (Trying to get inspiration!) 

14 deviants said More Steven Universe! (Stevonnie is next on the list!)
9 deviants said Anime (please suggest which series)
8 deviants said Star vs the Forces of Evil
5 deviants said Gravity Falls (please suggest a character)
3 deviants said [SU] Rockstar Steg Universe - Steven / Greg Fusion by Vixenkiba [SU] Show of the Stars - Lars and Sadie by Vixenkiba [SU] The Show : Pearl and Mystery Girl by Vixenkiba
3 deviants said Anything else? (Please comment :D )
2 deviants said Disney (please suggest which movie)
No deviants said The Owl House


Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

In many stories, plants/vegetation always seems to be underappreciated. Everyone pays attention to the humanoids and creatures of a world, but how often do you find the same common types of trees, bushes, and flowers used over and over again? In a fantasy world where creatures roam that are unknown to us, you would expect there to be the strangest types of flora as well!

It's becoming quite the usual pattern for me to organise a design contest every year, and my last contest (design a species) was held back in March 2017... so it's about time for a new one! I held a poll last year after my contest asking which design contest you would like to see next, and whilst Mythical Creatures won in the poll, Plants came in the second place, and I personally favour this theme very much! Plants are usually not in the top 10 for people to design or draw, and that's what will make it even more challenging to join this contest; I bet for many people drawing and designing plants is something out of your comfort zone, even so for me! And that's why I'm quite looking forward to see what you'll come up with! 

I hope people will have fun with this!! 8D Let's give plants some love, too!!


The idea is to create a type of plant/tree/bush/flower/weed/fungi/herb etc for my world and story, TerrApocalypse. TerrApocalypse takes place on our earth, in an alternate timeline where magic exists. It has a post-apocalyptic Steampunk/Fantasy atmosphere. 

A nuclear war 200 years before the start of the story has caused mutations to come to existence, both in Flore and Fauna. By the combination of radioactive energy and magic, DNA of creatures on earth has mixed and matched, resulting in whole different species. Only the species proven to be sustainable have survived. 

The same can be said for the plants. Whilst "normal" plants that we see on Earth, such as common trees, vegetables, our common flowers, still mainly exist, the nuclear mutation gave rise to many different plants as well. These plants have adapted themselves to survive in the changing conditions on Earth; regions with far more water than average, regions contaminated with nuclear and radioactive waste, regions filled with magic, regions with massive Steam-powered cities rapidly created by humanity. Maybe even new vegetables have risen, or maybe humanity has found a way of creating a mechanical plant! 

You want to have an idea of the species roaming this future Earth? Take a look at the winning entries from last year's contest! --> [Contest] WINNERS! - Contest: Design a Species!

Point Right RULES Point Left 

Bullet; Red Please read everything carefully. I'm doing my best to provide as much information as possible, also to make it easier for you.
Bullet; Red Perhaps the most important rule: I must be able to use the winning designs in my story! Of course I will credit you, don't worry about that! I just want to make it clear that I might publish the story in the future, so I must be allowed to use the design in any way I like! If your design happens to win, I'm perfectly fine with you using it in your story as well, or you selling adopts of it, basically any 'co-ownership', as long as I can use it anywhere in my story <3
Bullet; Red Because I had people ask the previous time; if you don't win a prize, feel free to do with the design whatever you want, like using it yourself, or making an adopt out of it and selling it. 
Bullet; Red I judge entries on creativity and design rather than art. Winning designs will be those that I think will be awesome in my world!
Bullet; Red I don't mind about the art style you draw your entry in, but can it please be coloured? ;D
Bullet; Red If the design happens to have different appearances with season, or has other forms, please show for extra kudos! <3
Bullet; Red Remember that this is a contest for fun as well, so just have fun with your creativity!
Bullet; Red Your entry must be from after this date, created for this contest!
Bullet; Red You may enter multiple times!

What am I looking for in an entry?

Bullet; Green I'm looking for plant designs that fit in my world. Since my world is SUPER varied in environments, this can be taken very broadly! If you want an idea of the types of creatures roaming this future Earth, take a look at the winners from last year's contest for inspiration: [Contest] WINNERS! - Contest: Design a Species!
Bullet; Green The plant can have slightly magical enhancements (for example, radiating light, or having special healing powers) but the plant not having magical enhancements is equally fine!
Bullet; Green You receive extra kudos from me when information is given about, for example, the plant's size, its living habitat, how it grows and distributes itself, how it fits in into the 'circle of life'. Basically, I love information.
Bullet; Green You receive even more kudos from me when the plant is usable in any way by humanity or animals, or maybe even a hazard, or if the plant aids the forest in some way, etc.
Bullet; Green My world is so big and diverse, ANY design is welcome! I'm giving you all the freedom! Designs that do not 100% fit into my world can also win, because it can always be modified for my story, right? ;D

Quick examples to give you an idea (feel free to use them):
a tree that is able to suck radiation/nuclear waste out of contamined ground, glowing in the process,

a type of (poison) ivy that is able to send messages along its vines in magically loaded areas, lighting up in the process,

a sturdy flower that disguises itself as copper wire to blend in with the Steampunk houses in the big city,

a hazardous fungi that grows on, or inside a living being,

a sci-fi, human-made, mechanical plant? If you can make it work, sure, why not? ;D


I totally understand that drawing plants, understanding plants, and designing them might be challenging for you! That's why I would like to share some AMAZING tutorials and inspiration with you that I love here on DeviantArt:

An absolutely amazing tutorial explaining ALL the ins and outs of how plants work, and how to draw them:
Desky's How to Plant! by Deskleaves 

Tutorials for all kinds of vegetation, how to draw trees, etc! 
Tree tutorial by griffsnuff    How to draw JUNGLE PLANT CLUSTERS tutorial by STUDIOBLINKTWICE 

And some more inspiration from artists I love:
Botanica I: Magnolia cylindrica by Dferous    Shantyland Mushroom Species by colonel-strawberry    Trees 01, Concept-Art by TheRealRaki    Dauntless - Tree concepts by LiberLibelula    Elf City by TylerEdlinArt    The Illustrated Pokemon Berry Guide by Karisean

And if you need some amazing media inspiration, here's some existing fantasy worlds who have done amazing things with plants:
Plants from Avatar (Alien-worldly plants)
Sceneries from World of Warcraft (Fantasy-oriented plants)
Lord of the Rings Online sceneries (Plants closer to our world, but great inspiration)


The thing everyone cares about!

The second and third prize are unlocked when I get enough entries.
(And probably even more prizes if the entries keep coming in!)

First prize

Second prize (unlocked at 5+ entries)

Third prize (unlocked at 10+ entries)

Extra prizes may be added if the amount of entries exceeds 15, 20, etc!

All winners will receive an art feature as well in the winners journal ;D

Remember, you can enter multiple times, and remember to have fun!

The deadline time is when it is no longer the 11th anywhere on the world!
Hopefully this gives everyone enough time to join, given that many have their (final) exams in June!

Copied from the previous contest journal, because I get these questions a lot!

Will the contest be judged more on the art or creativity?
Creativity, definitely! I don't care if someone can draw good or bad, as long as the design fits into the world and is well thought of!

Does it matter if all the written information is in the description under the art instead of in the art itself?
That should be perfectly fine! No worries!

Can we use the design we made in our universe after the contest is over? Do you care? As long as you got to use it too? Or are you looking for exclusive rights?
Basically, anything is fine, as long as I'm fully able to use the design as well! So if you want to call it a name, it would be something like "co-ownership", with me having the full rights to use the character anywhere in my story, or here on DA.

This is just a record for myself! If someone in the contest journal explicitly said "I'm joining" or "I have ideas!", I'm putting them here, haha!

GrowLegends --> Magnetic bluetrees Contest entry
ScienceWithSteve --> Witch's Weed - contest entry
MellonnsSofts --> Design A Plant Contest
Vallythegoat --> Hiusutoringu flower | design a plant contest entry


Does anyone know an easy video-editor for creating speedpaints/timelapses? Must be able to edit sound and speed up videos xD
Would people maybe be interested in an Art Stream this evening (in about 7-8 hours from now)? Working on some SU fanart from the sketch to the end :D
Nuzlockers will understand this; All Wobbuffets are the purest evil!
Working on something big (art-wise)... Sadly nothing TerrApocalypse related, but definitely something I'm excited about! Keep your eyes open for hints I'm going to upload soon ;D
Still really quiet here on DA! While I'm back from my work in Japan, I directly had to move office and house afterwards, so I'm still dealing with getting my stuff sorted out. Haven't turned on my computer since May (!). Can't wait to get drawing again!


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