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Things to do

To do list:

- queenofeagles [smoothing out animation]
- CD Cover [Brainstorming]
- keokotheshadowfang Experimental [Sketching]
- keokotheshadowfang Chibi busts [sketching]

- New ID
- Page revamp:
[Sort out groups]
[New journal code]
[New welcome box]

- LonesomePine [Sketched]
- DanaDani [Flatcolouring]

- The Owl House Illustration

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A Happy New Year to all of you, I wish everyone the very best in this new year!

First of all, I wanted to thank you for your incredible support, even though I myself have been so inactive in 2017 due to my PhD. I especially loved the huge amount of attention given to my Creature Design Contest, I had no idea it would become such a big success. Also thank you for all of you who followed my Streams early last year and for your feedback and input, I seriously couldn't have made those artworks without you! And to all of you who left comments on my journals and artworks; you are all wonderful, thank you so much for your continuous support <3

This year I'm going to do my best to squeeze out more art, as I feel like my skills are slowly rusting away, so here's to hoping for the best! Don't expect the TerrApocalypse story to start just yet, as my storyboard still needs a lot of work and I need to make loads of concept artworks before I can get started for real! Do you guys have any new years art resolutions?

Last but not least, let's get this year started by presenting that what this website was made for: artwork! I never made my promised art feature after the contest ended, so here it finally is <3


:iconaristall: Aristall
Kion by Aristall Gryphon by Aristall Chrysalis by Aristall

:iconaurourasilver: Aurorasilver
Miraculous Contest Entry by AurouraSilver  KA charcters contest entry by AurouraSilver Splatter Art by AurouraSilver

:icondanceswithdreams: DancesWithDreams
Not here at all by DancesWithDreams  Wrong alley, Mr Fox by DancesWithDreams  Antlers by DancesWithDreams

:icongrowlegends: GrowLegends 
Primal wrath[Grow] by GrowLegends  Encounter by GrowLegends Dense Undergrowth by GrowLegends

:iconiamabananaoo: IAmABananaOo
Rogue - Dinosaurs Eat Man, Woman Inherits Earth by IAmABananaOo  Mercy - State the Nature of your Medical Emergency by IAmABananaOo  Amethyst - Don't Care What All the Others Say by IAmABananaOo

:iconkiraelusia: KiraElusia
Back - June Challenge 08.06. by KiraElusia Just Breath, Embrace the Night by KiraElusia DARCO - Reign of Elements - Lava Dragon by KiraElusia

:iconopalpeony: OpalPeony 
Opal by OpalPeony Hypatia by OpalPeony Mercy by OpalPeony

:iconpacificmaelstrom: pacificmaelstrom
Blake Lively by pacificmaelstrom  Emily by pacificmaelstrom  Melissa by pacificmaelstrom

:iconqueenofeagles: queenofeagles 
Contest entry - cheating chicken by queenofeagles  I should stop using mirrors by queenofeagles  The Hunter In The Sky - animated by queenofeagles

:iconsciencewithsteve: ScienceWithSteve
Mishell Yukie by ScienceWithSteve  DeviantArt Turns 17! by ScienceWithSteve  Tiktaalik-Tac-Toe by ScienceWithSteve

:iconserenyan: Serenyan
Commission for Pokachu12 by Serenyan Commission - Gemini by Serenyan Watercolour Practice by Serenyan

:iconartchert: Artchert
Screendraw Practise by Artchert It's time to hunt by Artchert background practise 01 by Artchert

:iconspdy4: spdy4
Undersea Dissonance by spdy4 Blue Kanto by spdy4 Ink Dragon by spdy4

:icontessith: Tessith
The hunchback / Auction [closed] by Tessith  Frozen to the bone [closed] by Tessith Bringer of a new dawn by Tessith

:iconzenikat: zenikat
Den by zenikat  Float away ver 2 by zenikat Forest Village (nighttime) by zenikat

Give them a look if you like, they're all amazing artists! <3

I want to make a resource out of my latest artwork's WIPs. Would you rather see: 

11 deviants said An art tutorial?
5 deviants said All WIPs as a progress gif-animation?
No deviants said This artwork:…


Working on something big (art-wise)... Sadly nothing TerrApocalypse related, but definitely something I'm excited about! Keep your eyes open for hints I'm going to upload soon ;D
Still really quiet here on DA! While I'm back from my work in Japan, I directly had to move office and house afterwards, so I'm still dealing with getting my stuff sorted out. Haven't turned on my computer since May (!). Can't wait to get drawing again!
Finding a tiny moment to sit down and write a small update! As some of you might know, I've been in Japan for the past 5 weeks for my work, and it's been one busy but awesome blast! I've got 5 more weeks to go still, which means no time for DA and also hardly the internet to go online anyway, haha! When I'm back I'll finally make the promised feature journal for the past contest, and hand out points I still have to give to all the participants. I also can't wait to go through your galleries again, I'm missing so much cool art <3 
Oh my good gracious, I'm almost done with my huge PhD deadline! Just one more evening/night of work, adding references, prettifying some images, and it will be DONE. After this I can say HELLO to weekends, HELLO to socialising, HELLO to sports, to art, to books, my Japanese studies, my Japan preparations, and oh my gosh I'm so happy that this deadline is almost over I just had to type it up here xD
Currently compiling the Contest Winners Journal, and with 17(!) winners it's taking quite a while! Journal will be up within 24 hours!


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