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WINNERS! - Contest: Design a Species!

Thu Jun 22, 2017, 4:07 AM

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Warning: This journal is HUGE!

It is finally here, the journal that many had been waiting for; the Contest Winners! And I must start off with the following message: these choices were the hardest I've made in a while, because all of you were so friggin amazing! I was, and still am, SO overwhelmed by the amount of entries, and by how creative they all are. I added a lot of prizes in the end; instead of having only a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize for both categories, I added a second "shared" third prize, AND I added a total of 9 extra smaller prizes on top of that. That's a total of 17 winners... 

And even then it was difficult. If there's one thing I honestly don't like about holding contests, it's disappointing people. If I could give a prize to all of you, I would, but I don't have the money or time for that. Also, with every contest I'm learning how to improve them; I learned that for the next contest, I'm going to create a 'visual guide' with information about my world, its setting, its current flora and fauna, just to help people see the setting and what's already there. I bet that will help people a lot! I also bet that it will provide even more entries fitting to my world xD I also learned that I actually find the concept of 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes to be really silly in the case of designing contests... I had the hardest time deciding out of all the winners who would get 1st, who 2nd, 3rd, extra prizes, so for the next contest I'm probably going to provide only similar prizes, a certain money prize that's the same for every winner. I couldn't change that for the current contest, changing the prizes would be stupid, for some people were attracted because of the higher 1st and 2nd prizes, and I do understand that!

Now, on to the judgement! Copy-pasting something I wrote in the update yesterday:

  • It was difficult for me to provide 'judging-rules' for winning entries, because the winning entries are those that I feel fit the best in my world. And since only I know that world best, it is difficult giving any specific guidelines, which is why I made the contest's categories so broad, allowing for a lot of creativity. And man am I overwhelmed by that creativity! You are all absolutely wonderful <3 So, I will say it again; winning entries are those that fit best in my story and are based on creativity and design, and NOT on 'art quality'. In this contest, I don't care if you're a professional artist, or a beginner! I don't care if something is digitally made or traditional! All counts equally <3
  • If you want to know why your entry didn't win, or why one entry got a 'higher' prize than yours, please drop me a note! Yet once again, remember that it was a difficult decision how to rank the winners within the prize ranking system... which is why I'm getting rid of 1st/2nd/3rd/other prizes during the next contest and stick with the same prizes for everyone! As for now, all I can say is that the choices are mainly on how well the creature fits with my world, or basically how much of an impact it made for me. It was also dependent on how much information people provided me; those who had extra information on their creatures went up the ladder a little bit, but it was still dependent mainly on how much I thought the character to fit for the world. 
  • Am I crazy for having so many winning entries? Maybe a bit, but mainly NAH, because I can't wait to have all these species roam my world and fill up the place <3 

So now let's get started with the winners! I'll start with the Woodland winners, then the City winners, and then there will be the extra winners where both categories are mixed. Last of all, I'll feature all entries below the journal <3


The First Place
of $25/2500Points OR 3-months DA membership + $10/1000Points goes to GrowLegends with their Flunox!
Flunox-Woodland creature,contest entry by GrowLegends
During this whole contest I was honestly impressed by GrowLegends' creativity and the research they had done on my story. Knowing that war has infiltrated the lands of my story with radioactive material, GrowLegends created this species that is able to absorb radioactive rests from the forest and use it as an energy resource. I fell in love with these creatures when I read their information, on how they live and sustain themselves, and just love the creativity that went in it. The Flunox species will come in really handy in my story, especially in areas in the forest where the old unused nuclear power plants are! I'll need to work out how exactly to make them work, radioactive-wise, but I'm sure I'll find a solution!

The Second Place of $15/1500Points OR 3-months DA membership goes to IAmABananaOo with their Golden Wardens!
Draconic Birds - Golden Wardens by IAmABananaOo
Next to this entry looking like it came straight from a creature bestiary book (which I'll definitely need to make for my story), IAmABananaOo made me realise I still needed a predator in my woodlands world! Filling the woodlands with only rodents and plant eaters wouldn't work; we need some more meat eaters as well! I love these creature's camouflage from below and their snakey (sneaky) armour, and even more do I love their ability to 'breath fire', or rather 'spit acid on their foes'. I bet a species like this is the closest you can get to a dragon... I couldn't resist!

The Third Places of $10/1000Points OR 1-month DA membership + $5/500Points go to both DancesWithDreams with their Leaf-backed Hog Beetle and Tessith with their Perfumed Minkal!
Leaf-backed hog beetle by DancesWithDreams
My world just screamed for some more insects, and I've always loved the concept of having giant insects, like how we had giant dragonflies in the past. DancesWithDreams made that come to life! The idea of a beetle that could actually be tamed and used as a 'beast of burden' for the woodland folks really attracted me, plus I think their design is really beautiful. I can really imagine these insects being tamed and used in the woodland towns, they will come in super handy!

Creature Design: Perfumed Minkal by Tessith
It's a cute friggin' rodent! And it can be either wild or domestic as a pet, AND it's supposed to smell super nice. I loved reading all the information about these creatures, and love how creative Tessith made them, regarding their many uses of their scent. I can already imagine the Minkals also being used as 'exotic pets' in the cities, being used by ladies at parties to impress and smell good...


The First Place of $25/2500Points OR 3-months DA membership + $10/1000Points goes to Aristall with their Amulet Spiders! 
Creature Design - Amulet Spiders by Aristall
I used to have a giant fear of spiders, yet spiders are such a common sight in cities and woodlands alike... And to have a spider that is ACTUALLY also Jewellery? I had to shiver at the thought, however these specific jewellery amulet spiders are so pretty, I would definitely wear one myself. It's especially the tiny ones that attract me, since they have such a high 'collectable' value and can come in many shapes and designs. I think these creatures are absolutely gorgeous, and are really creative of Aristall, and I'll find many uses for them!

The Second Place of $15/1500Points OR 3-months DA membership goes to ScienceWithSteve with their Glow Spiders!
Glow Spider - contest entry by ScienceWithSteve
It seems like it's Spider Season in my world, because here we go with another spider creature! I think ScienceWithSteve did an amazing job in designing them, and what I love most about them is that they are SUCH a tone setter for the city. They could be seen as a pest (them also being poisonous), yet everyone knows spiders are much needed creatures and you cannot get rid of them... But have you ever seen a pest making such pretty light effects in the evening or night? The added artwork of the little city-view really did it for me, and made me think this was just what my city needed <3 I think they are quite romantic! I start to sound like a spider lover.

The Third Places of $10/1000Points OR 1-month DA membership + $5/500Points go to both spdy4 with their Lanturn Mimic and queenofeagles with their Wheelibies!
City Creature Contest -Lanturn Mimic- by spdy4
It seems like I'm a sucker for night-city views, really! The creatures that spdy4 created are another amazing tone-setter for the city's night atmosphere. I love the idea of these double-tailed, lantern mimicking creatures, and love how they
catch their food and bring extra light to the city. I loved these from the moment I saw them, and knew they were going to be a great addition to the city! <3

Contest entry - Wheeliby by queenofeagles 
I laughed... queenofeagles never fails to make me laugh. I snorted and snickered and rofled away, because DAMN, this must have been one of the craziest ideas out there, and I love it xD At first I thought it would be WAY too weird for my world, but I now do see their charm, and I just imagine them to be a bunch of once circus-animals that have escaped and multiplied in the city, just like how some tame dolphins released with wild ones taught their tricks to the wild ones. These creatures are already so incorporated in my head, I cannot delete them from my cityview anymore :') So there you go, Wheelibies it is, with their crazy Arjatributes!

That's right, it doesn't stop here! I included extra prizes, because damn, I just couldn't do without. I wish I could offer more for them, I initially wanted them all higher, but I just can't afford that :') So, here we go!

The Extra Places of $5/500Points OR 1-month DA membership go to all of the following entries:

GrowLegends with Cambrian Glowworms
Cambrian Glowworms-Forest entry by GrowLegends
If the city can have glowing spiders and lantern-creatures, then the forest can have glowing bugs! Honestly, my world was in need of some smaller creatures, and these will just do the trick. They also reproduce by splitting themselves in half, so that's pretty neat and sustainable!

KiraElusia with Buralu
Contest: Design a Species - Buralu by KiraElusiaContest: Design a Species - Buralu 2 by KiraElusia
What stole my heart was the idea of bringing these creatures to a party, and people being able to snack directly from their back xD I think it's super cool to have an ant/insect-eater creature combine with plants, these will be so popular in the forest towns!

Serenyan with Elaflos
Elaflos by Serenyan
These stole my heart as well, because when I was small I always thought a deer's horns were made of wood. The idea of their horns actually sprouting flowers and little plants is lovely and I bet these walking gardens will be highly popular
among the forest citizens!

zenikat with Featherduster Owls
Contest design 2: Featherduster Owl by zenikat
I just cannot unsee these creatures! From when I saw them, I could already imagine them clinging on the trees with their four claws, cleaning away xD Imagine them being tamable and being used as cleaning pets!

OpalPeony with Steamsphinx
Steamsphinx contest entry by OpalPeony
When I saw this entry, I immediately had to think of the old Furby hype of ~20 years ago. How awesome is it to have a mechanical pet for the kids to play with? <3

GrowLegends with Agricon
Secondary entry-City by GrowLegends
I fell in love with the idea of the 'hanging gardens of Babylon', or rather the 'flying gardens of Babylon', because it's a genius idea to have gardens in a vertical way, due to space issues. The idea quickly escalated to have the gardens on zeppelins instead, and to have an irrigation system that runs vertically as well, the upper agricon producing excess rainfall that then lands on the agricon below, etc xD So inspirational!

AurouraSilver with Cores
Cores: Creature Contest Entry by AurouraSilver
This was another idea that I thought was genius! A trashcan that turns trash into energy <3 If anything, I needed a good solution in my world for the garbage problem, and here is one that will at least partially work! I'll need to fidget with the idea a bit, and mix my crystal-knowledge with some magic, but I'm sure I'll find a way to make it work <3

SmollAnger with Cogsprites
Species contest entry - Cogsprites - City by SmollAnger
I loved the idea of these oil-eating creatures, and if I ever had to place a creepy creature in the sewage system of the city, it would be these xD I can also just imagine them sneaking around in the night, stealing oil and food from people's houses. 

and the last extra prize goes to pacificmaelstrom with the idea of flying/floating whales. 
There is nothing I can show you guys, because we had this conversation in notes. The idea started with floating whales that can be used for transport, escalated to flying killer whales, and to whale-boat systems. I just like the idea so much, and I'm definitely going to make use of it in one way or another, so I just wanted to include you in the list as well!


I would also like to show all the other entries here, in non-specific order. Again, you guys are all amazing!
PineBear contest entry by OpalPeony  SPECIES: Sun-Chested Poshi by S-k-y-F-r-e-e  Cindrek: Woodland: CONTEST by DoodleRooChu  fantasy bear by alexism77  Woodland Creature [CE] by hannxm  Paru-Rakyon by nirvana0048  Rodent by ShadowGateStudio  Eastern Tiger contest entry by xXDruidcatXx  Contest Entry- Chinde by Horace-Bulregard  Limbelt: The Forest Hunter (Contest Entry) by Logan-Morpheus  Verunixan- For contest by dragonnekocat  Rocine- Woodland creature by GalacticShitastic  Utinky (woodland contest entry) by AluncarVoln  Fallow fox by BeckyKidus  Shroomen by Pen-Witch  Selly's (Closed Species) by The-Tabletop-Tiger  Eqois by Aohitsuki  Contest design 1: Lacus Deer by zenikat  Fairydale by MiaRogi  Redbelly Jack by Lmih  Umdura species by SEVMD  Forest Creature Contest -Moon Duke Owl- by spdy4  18342270 1352416704828215 358362726847608002 N by story  Contest entry- Foupine by Artstotallyforlosers  Beyors (Contest Entry) by AuroratheIceWing  Contest - Gecko Trickyzard by Charlie-Crow  Lupis Harpies Species by VaCrah  Salamander by whimsicalponderer  WOODLAND CREATURES: Cowl by kana-kana  Wanza - Creature by Y-GabyT  Urmag by Polux-McLion  Rigeon by DiamondFusion  Meers Ref Sheet by Amberstorm233  Fantasy Diplodocus by alexism77  Copper Gryphowl by avianAbstraction  Entry for Vixenkiba's contest (City) by complete-total-trash  Souris- For Contest by dragonnekocat  Isri- Species contest by SugarLyon  Asclepius Snakes-Contest entry by GrowLegends  Threst by Elena-chan02  Toxic Terrier (contest submit) by MoonSpiritfoxLotus  Kangashrews(City creature) by FrostedBite  The Night Messengers by hannxm  Draconic Birds - Whipcrack Falcons by IAmABananaOo  Vixenkiba contest entry by tidiestflyer  Puss in Boots by SlytherclawPadawan  The Transmodo Dragon by Euphori-art

All entries that did not win receive 10:points: from me as a participation prize <3
I'm going to send those out as soon as possible! 
All the winners also get an art feature from me, which I'll post later this week!

There will be many contests to come from me, so if you did not win, feel free to enter one in the future!

Once again, all of you did an awesome job and judging this was by far the hardest decision I've had to make in a while. Please don't be angry if you didn't win, because so many entries were SO close to winning. 

As for all the winners, please reply to the featured comment I'm going to post on this journal how you would like to receive your prize; as money, points, DA membership, or any combination. You will be tagged in that comment, so I hope everyone will receive it!

Everyone, thank you so much for participating. I had a blast!

Hello all!

I've been jumping up and down in my chair for days, because this week I received the news that I'm going to work in Japan for 2 months this summer! The work itself will take place on a ship situated in a harbour, which means I won't actually see Japan during those two months, however I decided to take a week before I start work, and some days afterwards, to actually visit Japan for a bit. Because why would I go all the way to Japan to see nothing of it?

If you've ever been to Japan, I would love to hear some suggestions from you on where to go and how to travel. I can use all the help I can get!

I've been looking around and found that the Japanese Rail Pass is probably the cheapest way to go around Japan, because it offers unlimited train rides and is roughly $230 for 7 days. Please inform me if I'm wrong on this!

Since my flight lands in Tokyo, I'm planning on staying there for a couple of days. Then, I'm going to the Kyushu area, where I'll have to be for work later. When all is finished, I'm planning on visiting Hokkaido for several days. 


I'm visiting Tokyo only for several days; what are the things I just need to see or go to? Personally, I would love to go at least to the Pokemon Centre and the Ghibli Museum, but I can also use tips on places to eat (not too expensive) and places to stay. 

I'll stay the longest in the Kyushu area, and I'm planning on having 5 full days there to spend. If you know any place I just need to visit there, please tell me! I especially want to visit an awesome hot springs where you can just bath and relax, because man, you see it in every movie and anime, and I just want to experience it! And I guess I want to visit a volcano xD Because I'm a geologist. So if you know any awesome hot springs, restaurants, hotels, whatsoever, please do tell! Shrines would also be awesome, I'm more trying to make this a culture holiday rather than a... visit-all-the-touristic-places holiday, if you know what I mean. 

I'm planning to stay in Hokkaido for several days after work ends before going back to Tokyo for my flight. Of course, Sapporo is on my list. Same goes as for the other locations; if you know of any restaurants/hotels/places to go to, all information is welcome <3

Thank you so much!


Skin by SimplySilent
I'm opening unlimited slots of semi-chibi busts of your Gemsonas, Bagbeans, Humanoid/Creature OCs, Closed/Open species, etc!
I'll do these busts in between my other art, since they're really nice stress-relievers for me! 
Plus, I just love this new little style <3
They will be drawn in the style of this one:

Leliana the Dextroluma for KeokotheShadowfang by Vixenkiba
max ~ 500x500 pixels, .png, no background (transparent)
$5 or 550 points!

And there is a special deal as well! 
[Gift] Semi-Chibi Batch 01 by Vixenkiba [CM] Semi-Chibi Batch 02 by Vixenkiba
5 busts for $20 or 2200 points! Get one free!

What I will draw:

  • Your humanoid or animal/creature OCs (anthro/kemonomimi included)
  • Young people, old people, I don't mind!
  • Gemsonas
  • Bagbeans
  • Pokémon / Digimon
  • MLP
  • Wyngro, Weavers, Lantern Dragons, Stardusters, Browbirds...
  • ...Other Closed/Open species!

What I won't draw:

  • FNAF characters
  • Gore / vore / fetish art
  • Ask if you're not sure!

Terms of Service
Please fill in the form below, and put it in a comment (or note if you prefer)!

Amount of busts buying:
Payment method:
[Paypal or Points]
Character names and references: 
Characters personality in 3 words:
Expression preference: 

For the to-do list of these commissions,
Click Here!

Skin by SimplySilent

Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

Edit 8: 20th of June I think I did it... I added all the entries to the list! So sorry for the delay everyone! But DAMN guys, what a blast, there's a whooping 64(!) entries for me to go through, and all of them are unique and wonderful. It will be such a difficult task to choose winners from those, and I'm probably going to add some more prizes still because of the epicness. I ask you to be patient for just a little bit longer, because I will need to 1) choose the winners (how do I do that with so much awesomeness), and 2) compile everything in a new journal. So yeah, I will announce the winners in a new journal! The list of entries can be found all the way down in this journal, and please check if your entry is on there, I would be sad if I missed out anything for some reason! 
Also, I've said it in the rules-section already, and will say it now again; 
  • It is difficult for me to provide 'judging-rules' for winning entries, because the winning entries will be those that I feel fit the best in my world. And since only I know that world best, it is difficult giving any specific guidelines, which is why I made the contest's categories so broad, allowing for a lot of creativity. And man am I overwhelmed by that creativity! You are all absolutely wonderful <3 So, I will say it again; winning entries are those that will fit best in my story and are based on creativity and design, and NOT on 'art quality'. In this contest, I don't care if you're a professional artist, or a beginner! I don't care if something is digitally made or traditional! All counts equally <3
  • Also, again for those wondering, both if your design wins, or if your design doesn't win, yes you can make a species out of it, it's your design after all! Just in the case of a winning design, of course I just must be able and allowed to use it in my story, and there will be credit ;D

That's all for now! I will have the heavy task of judging on me now (hoo-boy), but first I need to get through this day of PhD work. I still have that damned deadline after all, and I'm still working through every evening xD But the results will be there soon!

Edit 7: 12th of June Whew! So, only now am I able to update this journal, sorry for the delay on my account! As you probably now know, the contest is now over! For now already I must shout, thank you all so much for joining! I'm incredibly overwhelmed by the amount of entries and by the overall interest, and the most fun for me so far was to see how much fun YOU guys were all having! I still have 10+ entries to add to the list and comment on, and I'll do my best to do that in the upcoming days. As for the contest results, I hope to have them by the next weekend; I'm still really busy here, and there's just so many awesome entries, gosh guys, you have no idea how difficult it will be to choose from all this awesomeness! I hope you'll bear with me for a little longer <3

Edit 6: I extended the deadline to Saturday the 10th of June, because multiple people have notified me they needed a bit more time, and I myself honestly don't have the most time in the upcoming week anyway... So hopefully this will help some of you! I'm sorry for the unanswered messages, I'm quite in a time clinch at the moment and will get to all your entries as soon as possible!

Edit 5: Just a reminder; there's about three weeks left to finish your entries! 

Edit 4: Just added extra prizes that are not dependent on the category! So these can be won by either categories! 

Edit 3: You guys are the best, 30 entries are already in! I'll definitely have to add more prizes, because damn, I'm overwhelmed <3 Keep them coming people, the deadline is the 1st of June! 

Edit 2: How awesome, I just received the 20th entry, meaning the third prize on both categories has been reached! Keep those entries coming, the deadline is only the 1st of June <3 You guys are amazing!

Edit 1: I reached 10 entries already, wow you guys are fast! This means that the second prize on both categories has definitely been reached <3 Keep those entries coming! :D 
I also added a F.A.Q. because a lot of questions were asked in the comments, I placed it in the bottom of the journal!

It's already been a year since my last contest (Create a Mount), and I'm actually really excited about this new contest, all in the theme of designing new creatures/species for my world, TerrApocalypse! I learned quite a lot from the previous contest, especially in do's and don'ts, and will apply everything I learned in this new contest. For example, I will provide you guys with more information than I gave you for the Mount Contest, because I noticed people simply didn't understand or know my world, and therefore found it difficult to design something that would fit with my general idea. So, let's get this started! Are you ready??


The idea is to create a creature/species for my world and story, TerrApocalypse. TerrApocalypse takes place on our earth, in an alternate timeline where magic exists. It has a post-apocalyptic Steampunk/Fantasy atmosphere. 

A nuclear war 200 years before the start of the story has caused a great division in humanity, and both sides, City and Nature, still clash. The cities in my world have a very heavy Steampunk theme; steam energy is used to power a lot of machines, and even flying suits for humans, Steamtrains run on rails built high up into the air, buildings contain a lot of metal and copper, and magic is being studied by those who are gifted for it. On the contrary, the people living in Nature try to stay away from technology as much as possible, and work together with nature to try to live a peaceful life; treebenders have reshapen the trees to form whole houses in and around them, animals are drawn towards the nature people, and magic light fills the air in the night. 

Another thing the nuclear war has caused, is for mutations to exist. By the combination of radioactive energy and magic, DNA of creatures on earth has mixed and matched, resulting in whole different species. Some animals have even combined themselves, like a deer and a wolf forming a 'deerwolf', or slugs that have grown little wings.  Only the species proven to be sustainable have survived. 

Just like in our world, different creatures exist in the woods and in the cities. This contest will therefore actually have two contests in one; one for creating a Woodland creature, and one for creating a City creature. 

But before going in detail about both categories, let's read the rules first!

Point Right RULES Point Left 

:bulletred: Please read everything carefully. I'm doing my best to provide as much information as possible, also to make it easier for you.
:bulletred: Perhaps the most important rule: I must be able to use the winning designs in my story! Of course I will credit you, don't worry about that! I just want to make it clear that I might publish the story in the future, so I must be allowed to use the design in any way I like! If your design happens to win, I'm perfectly fine with you using it in your story as well, or you selling adopts of it, basically any 'co-ownership', as long as I can use it anywhere in my story <3
:bulletred: Because I had people ask the previous time; if you don't win a prize, feel free to do with the design whatever you want, like using it yourself, or making an adopt out of it and selling it. 
:bulletred: The creature should appear to be "natural". I'm not speaking of 'natural' in terms of art style, but rather of design! Say, if you would imagine our earth in an alternate timeline, the creature should fit in into our world! If this is not clear, I will give plenty of examples about what I mean later <3
:bulletred: This also means that I judge entries on creativity and design rather than art. Winning designs will be those that I think will be awesome in my world!
:bulletred: There will be two categories, Woodland creatures and City creatures, and you can enter both of them! You can even make multiple entries per category!
:bulletred: I don't mind about the art style you draw your entry in, but can it please be coloured? ;D
:bulletred: If the creature happens to have different appearances for male/female, or different appearances with season, or has other forms, please show for extra kudos! <3
:bulletred: Remember that this is a contest for fun as well, so just have fun with your creativity!

:bulletred: When you submit your entry by linking to it in the comments, please state your category!
:bulletred: Your entry must be from after this date, created for this contest!


Vornwood copy copy copy banner by Vixenkiba

These creatures tend to be a bit more Fantasy themed! Here is some more information on what I'm looking for:

:bulletgreen: The creature must look "natural" in a woodland environment, or "blend in" (for example, deer-squirrel-hedgehog-owl). The creature could be a combination of two already existing animals (mutation), or could be a whole new species altogether. 
:bulletgreen: The creature can have slightly magical enhancements (for example having some healing powers, producing will 'o wisps), but please nothing too crazy! I'm not looking for Pokémon stuff or anything :'D Also, the creature not having magical enhancements is equally fine!
:bulletgreen: You receive extra kudos from me when information is given about, for example, the creature's size, its eating habitat, what kind of skills it has, how it acts, how it fits in into the 'circle of life'. Basically, I love information.
:bulletgreen: You receive even more kudos from me when the animal is tamable by mankind, and/or able to help (or bother) the people living in nature in some kind of way, or if the creature aids the forest in some way.
Quick examples to give you an idea:
a deer-based creature that is able to restore trees by eating the tree bark, leaving trails of modified trees and plants through the forest (slightly magical creature),

a small wood creature that eats insects, that is also easily tamable and can be used as a cute companion/pet,

a flying creature that can be tamed and used to carry messages in between two people.


Commission Terrapocalypse 4 By Viroal-da3e30w by Vixenkiba
Image by VikJones
    These creatures tend to be a bit more Steampunk themed! Here is some information on what I'm looking for:

:bulletorange: The creature must blend in into a city environment (for example, cat-rat/mouse-pigeon-seagull). The creature can be 100% (made-up) animal, or can be combined with some steampunk-stuff, or can even be 100% mechanical!
:bulletorange: The creature can have steampunk enhancements (for example an animal being able to eat copper, or an animal having steampunk-gear that allows it to run faster), but nothing too crazy! I'm not looking for Digimon stuff or anything :'D Also, the creature not having steampunk enhancements is equally fine!
:bulletorange: You receive extra kudos from me when information is given about, for example, the creature's size, its eating habitat, how it survives in a big city, if it's a pest, or if it annoys people, what skills it has, etc. Basically, I love information.
:bulletorange: You receive even more kudos from me when the creature is tamable by mankind, and/or able to help (or bother) the city and its people in some kind of way.
Quick examples to give you an idea:

a pest that everyone dislikes, but that is so abundant and typical for the city view that people let it exist (like our seagulls, cough),

a small/medium sized creature that can be tamed as a pet and is able to help with the pest control,

a flying creature that can be used to carry messages between two people.


You want even more information? Here is some examples of worlds and stories that contain creature designs that perfectly blend into the world nicely, but that also use our 'normal' animals. Just to give you inspiration or an idea!

Good examples of creatures that nicely fit in into their world:
Harry Potter - think of for example the HippogriffThestralPhoenix
Zelda games - think of the Ordon GoatRemlitLoftwing
World of Warcraft - think of the DragonhawkTallstrider/HawkstriderTalbuk
Final Fantasy - think of the ChocoboAldgoatSheep from Gran Pulse

Then there's also stuff I'm not looking for, for example:
Pokémon/Digimon - Most designs would be too unnatural for my world (with exceptions) and are too colourful, plus there's too much 'magic'.
Dragonquest - Again, these would be too unnatural. 

I guess you could say I'm looking for 'serious fantasy' rather than 'toon fantasy'.

Then for the last examples, I decided to share some of the species that are already inhabiting the TerrApocalypse world!

These for example inhabit the woods/rough lands:
Vornwood Otto by Vixenkiba  Spring Slug by Vixenkiba  Forest creatures - Wolfdeer by Vixenkiba  DULXEwA by Vixenkiba  Mount Design  Arjaks By Queenofeagles-d997b7a by Vixenkiba  Adopts  Minimize Peedle By Deskleaves-daougyg by Vixenkiba

And these for example inhabit the city:
0 By Felix Vulpes-dary04v by Vixenkiba  Fuel Speed Bird  Design Challenge  By Arcafelidae- by Vixenkiba  Birb By Intjay Birb0724-d9mejmh by Vixenkiba  City horse example copy by Vixenkiba (as mount)


The thing everyone cares about!

Both categories have the same prizes! Of course there is a first prize, but a second and third prize will be unlocked for a category once there are more than 10, 20, and 30 entries, respectively!
(And probably even more prizes if the entries keep coming in!)

First prize
$25/2500:points: OR 3-months DA membership + $10/1000:points:

Second prize
$15/1500:points: OR 3-months DA membership

Third prize x2
$10/1000:points: OR 1-month DA membership + $5/500:points:

Extra Prizes x3
This prize can be for either category!
$5/500:points: OR 1-month DA membership

All winners will receive an art feature as well in the winners journal ;D

Remember, you can enter multiple times, for both categories!

The deadline time is when it is no longer the 10th anywhere on the world!
I will probably judge on Sunday 11th of June and present the winners that Sunday evening in a new journal!

Since people asked me lots of questions already, I'm putting them all here for your convenience!

Will the contest be judged more on the art or creativity?
Creativity, definitely! I don't care if someone can draw good or bad, as long as the design fits into the world!

Does it matter if all the written information is in the description under the art instead of in the art itself?
That should be perfectly fine! No worries!

Can we use the character we made in our universe after the contest is over? Do you care? As long as you got to use it too? Or are you looking for exclusive rights?
Basically, anything is fine, as long as I'm fully able to use the design as well! So if you want to call it a name, it would be something like "co-ownership", with me having the full rights to use the character anywhere in my story, or here on DA.

Just to be sure: a woodland creature actually has to live in the woods, not some other natural area?
I think I can make that rule a bit more flexible; owls live in forests, but can also be found on flat grasslands or farms etc. So I guess it's fine, as long as the creature can also be found in (or around) forests! Don't let the trees limit your imagination, hehe!

I'm wondering if creatures with humanoid appearances are a no-go? e.g human arms. I'm assuming you're not looking for giant god-like creatures?
Actually, designs like that would be fine, just as long as they're not 'godlike' creatures of which only one can be found in an area! (I'm going to hold a different contest for those xD) As long as it's a species that can be found with multiple of them over a larger area, everything is fine with me. As soon as a character becomes 'unique', it wouldn't be a species anymore...

Is there a limit to how many animals we can combine?
As long as it keeps looking "natural", I'm fine with anything <3 So, for example, no Discord-like creature (from MLP) if that makes sense xD

Would it be possible to enter both categories with a single creature? In other words, could I give my species variations that make it able to survive both in cities and in the woodlands (kinda like racoons)?
And of course that's possible, I don't see why not!

What about species that are derived from the human form, such as centaurs, fawns, mermaids, goblins, trolls, dwarves, elves, fairies, etc. Would a creature along these lines fit the bill? Or are you looking only for creatures derived purely from animals?
Those species would be considered 'Humanoids' and indeed right now I'm looking more for 'animals', even though some of them can, for example, have close-to-human intelligence, or maybe arms! I do not draw a strict line in my story where this boundary is, because the species in my story can be pretty messed up here and there, so... I would say, try to make them bend more to the animal side rather than the humanoid side for this contest! 

When I design a City creature, how futuristic is your world? How do I know if my creature is not too "sci-fi"?
It doesn't matter a lot how futuristic you interpret my world, because I believe we can always work around it if a design doesn't fit for a 100%. Of course everyone who enters doesn't know my world as well as I do, and I can only share so much information, but I'm sure that no matter what people come up with, things can always be changed in such a way that it works! So no worries, just keep those ideas coming!

This is just a record for myself! If someone in the contest journal explicitly said "I'm joining" or "I have ideas!", I'm putting them here, haha!

ShadowGateStudio --> x1: Woodland (also a bit City) Rodent
Pen-Witch --> x1: Woodlands/City Shroomen
DiamondFusion --> x1: City Rigeon
SmollAnger --> x1: City Species contest entry - Cogsprites - City
spdy4 --> x2: City City Creature Contest -Lanturn Mimic- and Woodland Forest Creature Contest -Moon Duke Owl-
xXDruidcatXx --> x1: Woodland Eastern Tiger contest entry
AuroratheIceWing --> x1: Woodlands Beyors (Contest Entry)
OpalPeony --> x2: City Steamsphinx contest entry and Woodland PineBear contest entry
MiaRogi --> x1: Woodland Fairydale
queenofeagles --> x1: City Contest entry - Wheeliby
S-k-y-F-r-e-e --> x1: Woodland SPECIES: Sun-Chested Poshi
SEVMD --> x1: Woodland Umdura species
MoonSpiritfoxLotus --> x1: City Toxic Terrier (contest submit)
Amberstorm233 --> x1: City Meers Ref Sheet
Lmih --> x1: Woodland Redbelly Jack
Charlie-Crow --> x1: Woodland Contest - Gecko Trickyzard
The-Tabletop-Tiger --> x1: Woodland Selly's (Closed Species)
DoodleRooChu --> x1: Woodland Cindrek: Woodland: CONTEST
AurouraSilver --> x1: City Cores: Creature Contest Entry
GrowLegends --> x4: Woodland Flunox-Woodland creature,contest entry and City Asclepius Snakes-Contest entry and City Secondary entry-City and Woodland Cambrian Glowworms-Forest entry holy shizzles Legends!
Horace-Bulregard --> x1: Woodland Contest Entry- Chinde
alexism77 --> x2: Woodland fantasy bear and City Fantasy Diplodocus
avianAbstraction --> x1: City Copper Gryphowl
complete-total-trash --> x1: City Entry for Vixenkiba's contest (City)
VaCrah --> x1: Woodlands Lupis Harpies Species
hannxm --> x2: Woodland Woodland Creature [CE] and City The Night Messengers
nirvana0048 --> x1: Woodland Paru-Rakyon
Aristall --> x1: City Creature Design - Amulet Spiders
Logan-Morpheus --> x1: Woodland Limbelt: The Forest Hunter (Contest Entry)
dragonnekocat --> x2: Woodland Verunixan- For contest and City Souris- For Contest
GalacticShitastic --> x1: Woodland Rocine- Woodland creature
SugarLyon --> x1: City Isri- Species contest
AluncarVoln --> x1: Woodlands Utinky (woodland contest entry)
DancesWithDreams --> x1: Woodlands Leaf-backed hog beetle
Tessith --> x1: Woodlands (and also city) Creature Design: Perfumed Minkal
BeckyKidus --> x1: Woodlands Fallow fox
Elena-chan02 --> x1: City Threst
ScienceWithSteve --> x1: City Glow Spider - contest entry
Aohitsuki --> x1: Woodland Eqois
zenikat --> x2: Woodland Contest design 1: Lacus Deer and Contest design 2: Featherduster Owl
story --> x1: Woodland 18342270 1352416704828215 358362726847608002 N
FrostedBite --> x1: City Kangashrews(City creature)
Artstotallyforlosers --> x1: Woodland Contest entry- Foupine
IAmABananaOo --> x2: Woodland Draconic Birds - Golden Wardens and City Draconic Birds - Whipcrack Falcons
whimsicalponderer --> x1: Woodland Salamander
kana-kana --> x1: Woodland WOODLAND CREATURES: Cowl
KiraElusia --> x2: Woodland Contest: Design a Species - Buralu and City Contest: Design a Species - Buralu 2
tidiestflyer --> x1: City Vixenkiba contest entry
Y-GabyT --> x1: Woodland Wanza - Creature
Polux-McLion --> x1: Woodland Urmag
Serenyan --> x1: Woodland Elaflos
SlytherclawPadawan --> x1: City Puss in Boots
Euphori-art --> x1: City The Transmodo Dragon

39 - # Woodland entries
25 - # City entries
64 - # Total entries

Huge Tag I want to get out of the way

Sun Mar 5, 2017, 11:55 AM

Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

I was tagged by tons of people in the past month, so decided to just get this out of the way in one big journal! 

Tagged by keokotheshadowfang 
1. Do you have a theme song?
I don't really have one myself, but TerrApocalypse in fact does (though this might chance). Its current theme song is "Transdermal Celebration" by Devin Townsend Project: [link]

2. What is your favorite kind of weather?
I don't mind any type of weather, nor do I love a certain kind! 

3. Do you have a favorite kind of Philosophy or Philosopher?
Bertrand Russell.

4. What is your favorite food/treat/drink to make?
Salmon Soup (thanks to Deskleaves), cheese cookies, and hot chocolate.

5. Do you like camping? How much roughing it out in the woods can you take?
Yeah, I do! I believe I can take pretty much by how much I've camped for my geology fieldworks. I love the staying-in-nature part of camping, no matter how rough the weather can be, and especially how there's no internet.

6. Would you rather be a bird, wolf, or a fish?
My oh my, this is difficult. I would love to run like a wolf, but I think I would rather choose the freedom of wings to soar through the sky. 

7. What is your favorite period of history?
1100-1200. Hahaha, I love the book 'Pillars of the Earth' by Ken Follett too much xD

8. Any accessories (rings, watches, bracelets, ect) that you are always wearing and feel “naked” without?
My sunglasses, lots of leather and shell bracelets, and my necklace with wooden teeth. 

9. Do you have a fan/tv/white noise on while you are sleeping, or do you like it perfectly silent?
Silent please, though I don't mind noise if it can't be helped.

10. When was the last time you climbed a tree?
When I was around 18. We had a curly hazel tree in our garden, sadly it was cut down at some point because it grew more than a meter per year and was blocking the sun out of all of the neighbour's appartments :'D

11. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you know what your Meyer Briggs personality is?
What is Meyer Briggs..? *googles* Ooooh, I've seen those letters before!
I guess I'm a mix, depending on my mood? I love being with people, at parties, at uni, etc, but sometimes I just want to concentrate on my work and art, you know? 

12. When is your favorite time to do art?
The evening, but also in between labwork activities, or during geology fieldwork. 

Tagged by queenofeagles 
1. Are you left or right handed (or both)?
I'm a lefty!

2. How many OCs do you have?
Eeeeeeh, that's a very good question. This easily goes over 200, considering all of my previous stories!

3. Which kinds of art media do you know/use? 
I use traditional art for most of my sketches and concept artworks, since I really dislike sketching in digital media. For digital media I use mainly Painttool SAI and Photoshop, and I'm working my way through Clip Studio Paint now.

4. Do you think Valentine's day is overrated?
Definitely, I never do anything with it myself really, or almost nothing. It's so overhyped by the media.

5. What is your favourite holiday destination?
Japan is on the first place, have never been there <3 As for places that I actually know, Vienna is my favourite.

6. Do you have pets?
I've got my dog at home, Bingo, a King Charles Spaniël!

7. What's the colour of your socks?
At the moment I wear ugly thick military-green socks, because my feet were cold xD 

8. You are stuck on an island. What will you do?
Find a handsome wild guy, like Tarzan or something, and ---

9. What sport do you want to give a try one day?
Martial Arts!

10. How many books do you read per year?
Oh geez, tons. I read every day.

11. How many deviants do you watch?
I watch around 700!

12. How often do you upload art here? 
Not often enough xD I don't upload my concept art here, and have a lot of that in my sketchbook. I try to finish multiple artworks per month at least.

Tagged by TeaDarkA
Tea definitely!! Comes in so many awesome flavours.

2. your favorit color

3 Whats your favorit DC/Marvel villains?
Magneto <3 I'm a paleomagnetist myself, so anything magnetic is very ATTRACTIVE to me <3

4. Is there is a specific cloth you like to wear in particular ( a jeans, a dress, a jacket, pyjama )?
Man, I love baggy jeans, or fieldwork trousers, but only at home. Don't wanna turn up with them at work xD 

5. Who's your favourite Fantasy character?
Ooooh, so difficult. I have a favourite in every fantasy fandom, and you cannot really compare them. I guess my all-time favourite is Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy series (the books, not the horrible movie thankyouverymuch).

7. Do you work on a personal project? like a comics or a book? ( I'm not talking about fan comics or fanfiction. No, something very original )
Yep! TerrApocalypse is my original story. Here's a little summary, for the sake of self-advertisement:

In our time's present and near future, humankind has caused an apocalypse to rage over the earth in the form of many destructing wars. Now, many centuries later, mankind has been divided into two large groups of people, each with their own beliefs, technological evolution, and their own magic. The Federation lives in the big, steam-technology driven cities, filled with humans and machinery. Their people believe that mankind is made to advance, and everything involved with deep nature is scary and evil. Deep in the forests dwell the people of the Force of Nature. Their people believe that Earth rules over mankind, and anything involving damaging the landscape or interfering with the Earth's balance is outrageous and a sin. Two contradicting groups, one big division. And now war threatens between them once again...

During this time, six children, all with very different stories, have grown up together and formed a close group called the Airborne, widely known in the area of The Waterlands for having stopped a major political riot and for all their services far and wide. Having grown up, all of them have taken their own path, meeting new friends and enemies along the way. When a big threat arrives, all of them come together again after a long period filled with changes in opinions, beliefs, and personality. Will the Airborne be able to save the world from a threat once again, or will their opinions stand in the way for the mission to crash and fail?

8. You meet a fantasy troll. What do you do?
I hope it's a World of Warcraft troll, those be cool, mon. Would definitely have a drink with him. 

9. Medium, light, Heavy armor?
Heavy armour for the win, I'm a tank baby.

10. Whats your favourite RPG weapon? Axe, mace, sword?
Staff/scythe, though it would be a sword for tanking.

11 . Your favourite fantasy race?
Draenei from WoW.

12. A rejected goblin ask you if you wish to go drink with him coz he is very lonely.......
Yeah hell no. Goblins are not to be trusted!

13. Do you like to go outside?
I definitely do, and luckily I get to see all kind of places with my geology work!

Tagged by queenofeagles 
Get-to-know-me Questions:

Name: Vixenkiba, Vixen

Star Sign: Pisces, even in the updated Zodiac

Average hours of sleep: 6

Last thing googled: What a Meyer Briggs personality is...

Favorite fictional character(s): Already answered that, hah! Rose Hathaway, but my 'favourite character' changes almost daily I guess xD

Live Action: I love the LOTR trilogy, but Cloud Atlas too.

Animated: Super difficult... Beauty and the Beast

Current attire: Pyjamas xD

When did you start this account?: August 2007

Number of watchers: 1501

What do you post?: TerrApocalypse related stuff

Do you get a lot of comments: Yeah, too many, I've still got to answer so much :'D

Why did you choose the username: I loved wolves at the time, and Kiba which means 'fang', but wolves were too cliché, so I went for 'fox' or Vixen instead... <,<

Tagged by queenofeagles and keokotheshadowfang 
Valentine's Tag!

You can find the story synopsis above in one of the other tags xD Also, I know I'm horribly late with this!

1. Which character would you want to spend a night out with? (Note: this doesn't mean "which character would you date," this means "Which character would make the BEST date?")
Raserga would make the best date I think, for she is always positive and chatty and will keep the night going. She's basically always fun to hang out with. If I had to choose a male character however to hang out with for myself, it would be Cenric, for he will be a real gallant gentleman.

2. There's a Valentine's Day party going on in your world! Where would be the coolest place for it to be?
Now this is difficult! There's tons of cool places for Valentine parties in my world that I would love to go to. 

Why not the Royal Oak Inn in the city of Arboreapolis? This huge inn is built in (obviously) a huge oak tree, has tons of platforms all around and in the tree, dancefloors, mysterious little corners for privacy, and it's overlooking the central plaza of Arboreapolis that is bursting with life, energy, and light. Every evening and night there is live music, and tons of alcohol to choose from. 

 3. Who shows up to the party drunk off their ass and dressed like Cupid?
This would definitely be Mike, hahaha! And everyone will love him xD

4. Which two characters would people be shocked to see together at the party?
Garion would directly leave or go outside if Raserga were there, and Rah would be uncomfortable with his presence as well. Those two can't stand each other.

5. Which two characters would people love to see together at the party?
Everyone would love to see Mike and Aeria together, as they're seen as a dream couple by many; Aeria being the SteamKite Elite leader and most popular model of the city, and Mike being a fast upcoming SteamKite Elite star. 

6. There's a Valentine's day swing dance going on and, assuming it is either before or after the party, all of your characters go. Who would be the worst at dancing?
Therice will be very awkward about it, haha, poor girl! She would be so lost. She would actually be pretty good at dancing, since she's pretty much able to fight and jump around on those hooves, but everyone will be staring at her hooves and horns, so she will loose all courage and will to dance at all. 

7. It appears one of your characters is not into the Valentine's Day spirit. He/she is repulsed by all the lovey-dovey actions of those around him/her, and goes on a rampage. Tables are flipped, drinks are spilled, MASS HYSTERIA! Who would this character be?
Mmmmh, say something bad were to happen between Revarie and Cenric, then Rev would definitely throw a tantrum on V-day. She wouldn't enjoy a single thing. 

8. Who is most likely to stay home and read romance novels (or watch movies, depending on the character and world)?
Therice and Garion would rather stay home. Esthrel is close to that, but she just needs some persuasion to go, and would probably enjoy it.

9. Which character would hand out those cheesy box Valentines to all of his/her friends, despite being out of grade school?
Box Valentines? What even are those? *googles* Eeeeeh, what, never seen or even heard of those. Maybe Lulu would do something like this!
10. Now pretend like all of the previous questions do not exist, and forget about the "only you one character twice" rule. Which of your characters ditched the Valentine's Day party and decided to kick back together at a singles' party?
Rah is always in the mood to throw any kind of party!

Am I finally done? D: Good! I tag no one :'D

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Guess what?! I was once again tagged by queenofeagles, the sweetheart :3

The rules: You can reupload these questions, but make sure you credit LiteraryPenguin as the original source. Please only use characters from your current WIP. You may only use the same character twice. Please provide a brief description of your story before beginning. Please provide an explanation as to why you picked whichever character you picked. And finally, have fun with this, and tag some of your best writing buddies!

Hahaha, let's start the new year with writing a new story blurb from the top of my head! Let's try not copy-pasting the existing ones already, shall we..? 
Here is my own gallery folder containing TerrApocalypse work;…
And here is a folder with art created by other awesome people;…

In our time's present and near future, humankind has caused an apocalypse to rage over the earth in the form of many destructing wars. Now, many centuries later, mankind has been divided into two large groups of people, each with their own beliefs, technological evolution, and their own magic. The Federation lives in the big, steam-technology driven cities, filled with humans and machinery. Their people believe that mankind is made to advance, and everything involved with deep nature is scary and evil. Deep in the forests dwell the people of the Force of Nature. Their people believe that Earth rules over mankind, and anything involving damaging the landscape or interfering with the Earth's balance is outrageous and a sin. Two contradicting groups, one big division. And now war threatens between them once again...

During this time, six children, all with very different stories, have grown up together and formed a close group called the Airborne, widely known in the area of The Waterlands for having stopped a major political riot and for all their services far and wide. Having grown up, all of them have taken their own path, meeting new friends and enemies along the way. When a big threat arrives, all of them come together again after a long period filled with changes in opinions, beliefs, and personality. Will the Airborne be able to save the world from a threat once again, or will their opinions stand in the way for the mission to crash and fail?

(Ugh, my goodness, why did you have to tag me during a science day Queen, I couldn't help writing this journal NOW, and now I feel like this story blurb has a horrible scientific-paper structure :'D )

And here we have our Airborne characters, Therice, Raserga, Revarie, Nordin, Mike, and Garion. Oh, and Esthrel as well:
Terra - full body by queenofeagles Foxes by griffsnuff Rouse - Rascal by Vixenkiba [TA] Nordin the Thief by Vixenkiba Mike the Steamkite by Vixenkiba Commission_TerrApocalypse_4 by VikJones Esthrel - Light Magician of Briela by Vixenkiba
This also reminds me that I really need to make awesome new art of most of my characters.

Now, back to school! All of these characters went to school in the city Briella, some a bit longer than others *coughs at Nordin*, and here are some questions for them:

1. Who overslept on their first day back? 

Mike, though it was definitely Nordin's fault. Nordin didn't want to go to school, and Mike had been trying to basically drag him there, being late himself in the progress. I don't count Nordin; he was basically always late or simply not there!

2. Which one of your characters would you want to have as your lab partner? 

Therice. Do I even need to explain? I guess I do, hah! It says in the rules. Therice is a very hard working girl and is actually really interested in her school subjects. Next to that, she went on to study geology, a study I'm now doing my PhD in, and she is able to create f*cking earthquakes with her staff... Do I need to say more? xD

3. Which character didn't get the memo that Booty Shorts are in fact, NOT dress code? 

Revarie, so much Revarie. Rev' never really cared, she loved dressing in seducing ways during her highschool times. Raserga would become a bit more like that in her older years.

4. Which character would most likely throw a senior prank that ended in failure and injury? 

Whahaha, that would be Nordin, he's the one to always go a bit too far just to see what happens! Though I must say, Mike also had his share of stupid pranks... During his younger years he would feel a bit more bad about it though, that changed when he got older and Nordin wasn't at his side anymore.

5. If you were to walk into the school cafeteria one day and find several tables filled with different cliques of all of your characters, which table would you sit at? (Note: the "Only use the same character twice" rule does not apply here)

Mmmmh, this depends on how old I would be! If I were in middle/highschool, I would sit down at Therice's and Esthrel's table, aka the more quiet and serious girls who don't laugh in your face. Nowadays however, I would totally sit down at Raserga and Revarie's table, aka, continuous laughter and fun and gossip! Yes, I've changed a bit xD

 6. Which character is the head bitch in this school's group of "Mean Girls"? (Note: Yes, you do not have to answer with a female character) 

Both Revarie and Raserga definitely have the possibility to take this role, but let's say we're at college/university for a change... It would be Mike. Mike has changed so much from when he was a sweet, caring boy. He can now be a complete asshole!

7. Someone has the brilliant idea to throw a crazy party while their parents are gone! Who would do it?

Nordin, and oh would Therice disapprove of that so much. Later-age it would be Mike. 

8. Which character decides to play hooky, but gets caught at the very last minute?

This would actually be Garion! Nordin always plays hooky, but never gets caught ;D No, there are courses at highschool that Garion has zero interest in, and it often happened that instead of going to those classes, Garion sneaked out to go train instead. He loved playing various ballsports at some point and was quite good at it. 

9. Which character actually deserves to have their head shoved into a toilet? 

Geez, both Mike and Nordin really need a good flush, but I've used them too much already for these questions. I will have to move on to characters not in the Airborne list! Esthrel's father definitely needs to be completely washed down though. No spoilers though.

10. Finally, ignoring the rule that you can only use the same characters twice, which of your characters would make the ideal Breakfast Club? (This means, which group of characters would be the most interesting to see in detention together?)

Can't I just have all of them together? At various years? That would be super interesting. Mmmmh, no, if we place Revarie, Raserga, and Esthrel together, we would get a catfight. Placing Nordin, Garion, and Mike together would give a ...dogfight? Cat=female and dog=male? It would certainly be interesting seeing Nordin and Garion smacking each other together. Poor Therice would be so sad to see Mike in the breakfast club though!
Let's just place Mike, Nordin, Revarie, and Raserga together, those poor detention-observer people wouldn't know what to do with that hyperactive rofling and lmaoing bunch!

There! I was supposed to tag people huh? Well, keokotheshadowfang, DruidPeter, Deskleaves, it would be awesome to get to know your characters a bit more in this silly way, but only if you're up to do it, haha!


Flying into 2017 with a big bang!

Tue Jan 3, 2017, 7:15 AM

Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

Happy new year everyone! I hope your Xmas and New Year's Eve was a blast <3 My own holiday is almost over, in less than a few days work will start again, but that's alright ;D I had the chance to visit my family over the past week, watching lots of movies and eating tons of oliebollen (a Dutch winter-holiday treat). Starting from next week, I'll have to do tons of sports again to lose all the gained weight..!

For me, 2016 was an awesome year with lots of new experiences (starting a PhD, organising conferences, having a lot of geological fieldtrips), meeting tons of new awesome people in my PhD life, finding a new exciting and lovely obsession in mountain biking (omg, I only started 5 months ago and LOVE IT SO MUCH), and much more! The year of course had its downs as well, and art-wise it was poor, especially in the past half year, but I will try my best to make a fresh new start in 2017 and blast out some art. 

When I reach 1500 watchers, I will organise a new design contest, because I loved hosting the previous one <3 

And speaking of art, I saw other people do this, but here I would love to share all the amazing artworks I received from other deviants, and again I would like to thank everyone for every single piece <3 It's a lot of fun looking through all of them once again, since it brings back lots of memories, and makes me realise how much happened in just a year! Here we go!

Cruisin' for a Bruisin' by SimpleBabs  AC: Vixen extras by keokotheshadowfang  {{ PTS }} Spooky Woods Excursion by Edel-Vermell  {PTS: BB Prompt} Please Come Down- by EcoStark  chibi  Therice by OpalPeony  PTS: Hans the Buneary by PokeBlank  Hmph! {COMMISSION} by SuuLore  V-Day Outfits- Vixenkiba YCHS by keokotheshadowfang  V-Day Outfits- Vixenkiba by keokotheshadowfang  This Time I'm Not Alone by pokedragonS8  [Commission] Headshot by Goobieroo  Foxes by griffsnuff  Vixenkiba Headshot Com by Artistic-Twist  Terra Commission by Goobieroo  Ruins Exploration II by arkeis-pokemon  PT: Gabe and his Sneasel by Kageh  Comm- Terrapocalype Crayon Chibis by keokotheshadowfang  Yet the waters ever change, flowing like time by SoleiI  .:Interesting Title 100%:. by ImmortalViper  Commission for Vixenkiba! by RomanJones  |PTS| Eclipse (GIF) by slycooper11  Vixenkiba's Custom wardrobe by keokotheshadowfang  PTS: Stary Stretch by TashaWasha  Commission : Icon : Eclipse by Ripurii  Chibi Therice by griffsnuff  :C: Rosalin and Lulu by tabithia  : Commission - Raserga : by tabithia  Request - vixenkiba by MushiSwampy  Cause theres always time for second guesses by SoleiI  Earth Magician - Therice by Vusiuz  Gift - that can't be good for your spine... by queenofeagles  PTS COMM: Gabriel and Sneasel by SystemEmotions  : CM -Therice : by tabithia  Commission_TerrApocalypse by VikJones  Nordin by Goobieroo  PTS: Gabriel and Nes by Awesomesauce2014  Gabe by Jupiiterr  OC Trainers and Pokemon by arkeis-pokemon  comm: stretch by teakups  comm: yoga by teakups  comm: high noon by teakups  Vixenkiba art by InfiniteErrors  Custom Outfits #24 by Nahemii-san  Watcher Headshots by keokotheshadowfang  Therice - Commission by Rakiah  [PTS] Eclipse by Nightmare583  [Evoloon: Friends Are Always There for You] by RabidWuff  Climbing by Emesbury1397  Vixenkiba- Therice by Avionetca  We Are One But Many [COM] by KingKaji  Commission_TerrApocalypse_4 by VikJones  Custom outfit commission 20 by Epic-Soldier  Vixen Custom Outfits batch 2 by keokotheshadowfang  c: therice. by purenai  Terra by MaiNona  C - Nordin by yoeriez <da:thumb id="633835161"/>  the vornwood by DidTheSqd <da:thumb id="637186758"/> <da:thumb id="637028464"/>  Reflective by Pyalicious  comission for a friend by OpalPeony  : CM - Louch : by tabithia  VixenKiba's Fall mystery Outfit set by keokotheshadowfang  VixenKiba's Fall mystery Chibi Cards by keokotheshadowfang  Vixenkiba's painterly busts by keokotheshadowfang  Nordin's Decent by keokotheshadowfang  Raserga climbing by keokotheshadowfang  Garion in the City at Sunset by keokotheshadowfang  Terra in the City by keokotheshadowfang 

Mature Content

Goretober is long gone... by keokotheshadowfang
  Gift- Esthrel by keokotheshadowfang

Would you look at this wall-of-art, it makes me so happy!! Thank you so much people, you're all awesome! (And for those of you that miss Gabriël and his sneasel Nes... They will retuuurrrrnnnnnnn...!)

And to whomever reads this, a Happy New Year to you!


Update and some announcements!

Sun Oct 16, 2016, 2:43 PM

Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

Hello awesome people <3 

I feel like I owe everyone an update, so here we go!

So I'm pretty horrible with time management, or rather, horrible at guessing how much time I've got on my hands. I know that I often tell people 'Yay, I've got some free time again..!!', but in the end this always results in me actually becoming more busy. I dunno, I guess I'm just pretty horrible with these things, so sorry for all the false comments and status updates saying that I will be more active soon, etc! 

These weeks have been hectic. Demonstrating/teaching started three weeks ago, meaning I have to be available for geology practicals and guiding students on their fieldworks for at least 12 hours a week, plus preparation time. I had no idea that teaching was so time consuming and energy draining, I sure am learning a lot here! And guess which geology course I'm demonstrating in... Only the one course that I found the most difficult in my whole university time... Geophysics. Sounds scary? Actually, it's pretty nice to be teaching the students some geophysics, I am learning a lot myself at the same time. Next to the demonstrating, there were some fun events here as well; I got to be a Geology Ambassador at a BIG GeoParks Conference (600+ people) organised by UNESCO! Basically this involved me leading a fieldwork to one of the UK's GeoParks for a group of 30 people, and it was amazing. Those people were so motivated, I love to see them discover all kind of new things in the field and helping them in distinguishing different fossils and geological features. I also met tons of amazing new people at the conference, so I'm plenty happy!

For the next weeks, I've got some exciting stuff coming up for my PhD as well, such as a 2-weeks fieldwork to Cyprus, Greece! Two weeks of sun, sea, and Greek food- I MEAN work, geology, and teaching. When I return from that, there will be one last busy week where I organise a conference for Earth Sciences together with two other PhDs, which is a pretty big deal! This also means I will have to give my first presentation ever to the general public, yikes... That actually creeps me out. I much rather give presentations to the people specialised in my own field, but now I actually have to think of people who have never even heard of stuff like palaeomagnetism, ophiolites, or the Neo-Tethys Ocean... 

After all those weeks, I might finally show you guys some artworks again. For now, what's coming up in the next months:

  • The long promised Contest Journal. I'm not holding it now, because I don't have the time to keep track of incoming entries, and I don't have time to submit the contest to all the various groups. I want it to be successful!
  • The long promised next Raffle Journal. For the same reasons as above, I'm postponing this thing until I'm sure I have the time!
  • Another WIP upload with sketches I've made in the past month during labwork!

And like that, the months fly by... But believe me, I'm still checking all of your updates! 8D



Queen keeps tagging me...

Thu Aug 25, 2016, 10:18 AM

Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor answering her questions I will! queenofeagles, only you can make me do so many tags xD

Be prepared for three tags again, of which two about some TerrApocalypse characters that I don't speak about too often; Esthrel and Aragnes! It will be followed by a crush tag that I found super fun to do! Now as for real updates, I'm really sorry, but they simply have to wait. This PhD job is taking much of my time and energy, and so is my social life around it, and sports, and when I do get home at a reasonable time during the evening, I simply am supertired. Then, instead of drawing, I would just rather... play the piano for a bit, watch a series episode, or read a book. I kind of don't like that about myself, because I do want to work on TerrApocalypse and art, and there is so many things I want and need to draw, but it's just ugh. 

But maybe this upcoming weekend will bring a bit of hope! We have a 'bank holiday' here, which means we get the Monday free as well! Maybe I'll get myself to draw a bit ;D

And as for TerrApocalypse updates, you can always check my Trello Updates! But now, let's get on with the tags.

The Character Fact Tag!

Let's start with eight character facts about Esthrel, a Light Magician!
Hmph! {COMMISSION} by SuuLore

(Thanks a lot to SuuLore for the artwork!)
8 Character Facts about Esthrel

1. At a young age Esthrel already became the Successor for the head of the Magic Counsel, both due to her position as the daughter of one of the most influence-rich people of the city, and because of her astounding skills in magic. 

2. Esthrel's important position brought her quite some loneliness, especially in her younger years. Since Esthrel was put on a 'rich' exclusive school where mostly only the rich people of the city went, many of the people trying to befriend her did so out of beneficial reasons. 

3. Therice was Esthrel's first real friend, they met at the young age of 6. Their initial meeting was a bit forced, and actually had beneficial reasons as well; Esthrel's father wanted her to become friends with the magically-skilled Therice so they could practice together and become even better at magic, faster. 

4. Esthrel has no real clue about spending money, at all. Maybe simply because she has all the money she can wish for. She goes to the most special designer shops to have clothes made for her, and drags Therice along with her. Often she has given Therice designer clothes as well, which is why Therice's wardrobe is filled with stuff she almost never wears. 

5. Esthrel loves anything that has to do with the distant stars in the sky. With her light magic she often tries to recreate the starry sky and the milky way in her room, making quite the light show.

6. Esthrel's skill level in light is quite advanced; when concentrating very well, she can even guide the light through her body, making her invisible to anyone watching in a line of the light source. She needs to stand very still though!

7. Just like Esthrel's able to manipulate light, so is she able to manipulate the shape and darkness of shadows. Don't be surprised when the room is suddenly cloaked in dark shadows when fighting her! Since light is needed to create shadows however, a completely dark room is not possible.

8. Okay, one more on Estrel's magic; Esthrel is also able to change the intensity of the light, to quite high energy levels. Like a mini-sun?

The Alphabet Tag!

The Alphabet has 26 letters, and so this tag has 26 questions~! Since I'm always writing about my main characters, why not answer these questions for a 'less main' character? Here we go with Aragnes!

Art trade: Aragnes by queenofeagles

(Thanks to queenofeagles again for the amazing artwork of her!)
-A. How old are you?
At the moment this beautiful portrait was made of me, I was 44 years old.

-B. Do you want a hug?
Aragnes smiles. If it makes you feel better.

-C. Have any bad habit?
Aragnes ponders for a moment... When one is in the position of a leader that is being looked up to by people in fear, one cannot always act for the good. Aragnes looks over her shoulders at an anomalous large tree that is completely withered on one side, and regrowing on another.

-D. You a virgin?
I have many children in the forests.

-E. Have any kids?
I already answered that.

-F. Favorite food or drink?
I am most fond of the sweet fruits we grow in our gardens, like our blackberries and raspberries.

-G. Killed anyone?
I did what was necessary.

-H. What is your idea of a date?
Oh. Aragnes chuckles. I always loved to have dinner underneath a full moon, after which we would dance underneath the stars. He would sing the most beautiful songs.

-I. Any artistic talents?
One could say the forest is my creation.

-J. Love anyone?

-K. What is your job?
To protect this forest, and all the nature alike. 

-L Favorite season & least favorite season
I believe all the seasons are beautiful and necessary for nature to grow. I do love spring though, for all the plants bloom to life once again. It gives hope, every single year. 

-M. Who's your best friend?
There was a man... Aragnes stops talking. 

-N. Hobbies?
Oh, I do enjoy to crave ornaments out of wood and decorations from flowers and leaves. Aragnes points out several statues around the big tree.

-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
We can chat a little longer if you like, there is plenty of food and tea left.

-P. What is your eye color?
Because my eyes are closed on the portrait? But you can see my eyes child, you are looking straight into them. Yet, they are a dark greygreen.

-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
Not all acts of a person are either for the good or the bad. Sometimes, one acts out of necessity. 

-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
Aragnes pours herself another cup of tea.

-S. What is your dream? 
For nature to be in harmony and peace once again.

-T. Does your name have a special meaning?
Not in this country it does. 

-U. What were you like as a child?
Aragnes laughs. I was actually quite the troublemaker. I always used to play around with my parent's plants in the garden. The garden would look different every week. My mother would yell that I destroyed our garden's harmony, but my father rather enjoyed it, and was always whispering new ideas into my ear. The real trouble came when I grew an enormous tree in the middle of the garden, but wasn't sure how to ungrow it. In the end, after many tries of removing the stubborn tree, my mother decided in an outrage to move out of the town to the edge of the forest, leaving the town house with that tree right in the middle of the ground. It is actually still there, growing both apples and pears now.

-V. Any siblings?
None, my mother thought I was trouble enough. Aragnes smiles. 

-W. Where do you live?
Aragnes spreads her arms. As far as the forest spreads.

-X. Do you find yourself attractive? 
I do find that I have... style.

-Y. Was this fun?
It certainly was enjoyable. 

-Z. Any last words?
Thank you for your time. 

and last but not least, I decided to include a tag I found that I really liked!


Tagged by: Myself.

  • List 5-10 fictional characters you have a crush on and what they're from.
    • Can be from a TV show, movie (live action as well), book, web comic
    • Can even be OCs
  • Write why
  • The list doesn't have to be in order.
  • Tag other deviants who you think might be interested!
  • That's about it :D (Big Grin)
  • Blank meme

My Answers:
1. Piccolo from Dragonball
  • This green guy was my first crush ever. I was around 7 years old when DBZ came on the television in my country, and I remember liking piccolo so much. He was all I could draw those months. I took flute classes at that time as well, and I remember blushing everytime a song about a piccolo (music instrument) came around xD I still adore Piccolo now.

2. Ray from Beyblade
  • I drew this guy so much as well, he was my second anime-crush. It was especially the dub! voice that did it for me, and the amazing clothing style and hair. <3333

3. Shikamura from Naruto (manga)
  • While all of my friends were either drooling over Saucegay (Sasuke), Neji, or Gaara during middle school, I was a fool for the calm and intelligent Shikamura. I love that guy's style, his way of thinking, and all the silly expressions he makes!

4. Eroba from Sk8er Wolf, Werewolf Universe, and older manga
  • That's right, I put one of my own OC's on this list! Initially, this guy's looks ánd name were based on a real crush I had during middle school. In the end, he got a whole new personality from me, and I have been using him in all my stories ever since. I cannot let go of this guy. I just love him too much! Plus, his looks is what I totally fall/fell for; long, black hair in a ponytail, a gothic look, and a skater as well. Oh, here's some old art of him!

5. Bofur from The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey
  • And then finally came the time, during my Bachelor at the university, that The Hobbit's first movie came out. And god was I smitten by Bofur. The cause of that was fanfiction and fanart, haha! Again, where all my friends loved Thorin, Thranduil, Fili, and Kili, I was the one loving Bofur instead. And Nori and Dwalin, but not as a crush. Bofur, yes, he's just so damn sweet! And funny as well. 

6. Orion from A State Of Equilibrium
  • Okay, this is a minicrush, since Orion is completely Morgan's ;D (And Queen's; queenofeagles) But yeah, since you guys already know that I do adore guys with long, black hair, it isn't such a surprise that I liked this idiot a lot xD He would be too tall for my taste though *cough*. BUT! Do take a look. He even can grow horns zomg! And just look at this big sadsad, I just need to give him a hug ;__;

7. Gabriël from my Pokémon Universe and hopefully from TerrApocalypse as well later
  • Yeah, another of my own OCs I guess xD A minicrush though. Because he is sexy and a contortionist. And because his hair is cool.

And there it stops!
These are really all my real anime/movie/OC crushes that I can remember at the moment. Maybe the last two don't even count, since they're just I-like-these-OCs-cuz-they're-sexy types! All the other ones I had to blush about when I was younger xD

I TAG: Whoever wants to do this!

That's it! Maybe see you in the weekend :D

This is directed mostly towards digital/traditional artists, but also literature artists!

 At some point in your artistic life, you might want to start earning a bit of extra money from the work that you love to do; yet I see that many people struggle with commissions, especially in the beginning. Thus I decided to write this little "How to" journal, where I share my own experience. =) (Smile)

1. When do I start to do commissions?

Whenever you want to, and especially, whenever you feel comfortable doing so! Especially that last part is important. I remember lots of people asking me if I were doing commissions years ago, and I had to say "no" to all of them, simply because I didn't feel ready for it. I was also completely nervous when I started doing commissions for the first time; what if no one would respond? What if the commissions were way too difficult to handle? What if I got negative responses?

I started doing commissions when I felt right about my art; when I trusted myself in mastering human/animal anatomy good enough to give good results, when I trusted myself in being able to shade an artwork, and make simple backgrounds for it. And even then, it was pretty difficult to set up that first "Commission Information" journal!

And even then, if you're still not sure if you're ready to do commissions, a great indication that tells you if you're ready to get started is when people actually start asking you if you do commissions ;D It shows that people are interested in your art style, and willing to pay for what you do!

2. How do I start doing commissions?

2.1 - Payment - How to get paid?

First and foremost, you need to think about payment. How would you like to get paid? Currently, there are two popular ways of getting paid; with Points points or Paypal:

  • Points Points are DeviantArt's own currency. One point is worth 1 dollar cent, so 100 Points = $1, which is the conversion that is used if points are converted to real money using the commission widget, but we will get there later.
  • Paypal is basically an online payment system. You can link your debit- or creditcard to your Paypal account and use it either to make payments online, or to receive payment from other people.

For people that do not have a bank account, for example young people, points are probably the way to go =) (Smile) But since I have a bank account and want to use the money to help in paying my rent, I prefer Paypal myself ;D I've also seen lots of people who simply use both!

For payment with points, there are several ways of obtaining the points:

  1. Receiving the points as a "gift". On your profile page, people will click on the "give" button in the upper-right corner, select "points", and pay you the amount of points needed for the commission. These points cannot be converted to real money! They will only be available to you as points.
  2. Receiving the points through the "Donation Widget". On your page, you can set up the donation widget through "edit page" in the upper-right corner, and selecting the donation widget --> install it. Just like the gift option, these points cannot be converted to real money!
  3. Receiving the points through the "Commission Widget". This widget can be set up just like the donation widget! Points earned with this widget will go into your "earnings" in two weeks, and then you will be able to either cash them out with a creditcard, or Paypal.

For payment with Paypal, please keep the following points in mind:

  1. Ask your customers to pay you through "goods and services".
  2. Paypal takes a fee, depending on the price that is being paid. The Paypal fee can easily be calculated here: Please note though, that it is illegal to ask customers to pay this fee, it is on your costs! If Paypal finds out that you included the fee into your commission price, they simply deactivate your account. I personally always pay artists the fee as well when I commission someone else, but when they pay you, you will just have to hope that they are so nice, since you cannot ask of them to pay it for you. 
  3. Ask your customers to NOT include an address! If they put an address, this could result in problems for you!

If more information on any of these methods is requested, I will gladly make a bigger tutorial for them using screenshots! Just ask <3

2.2 Payment - When to get paid?

It is also good to think about WHEN to receive payment for a commission. This is perhaps also a matter of trust between the artist and the customer;
  • I for example like to receive payment in advance of the commission. In this case, the customer has to trust me that I will finish the commission and won't run off with their money.
  • Some other people like to be payed after the commission is completed. I myself don't like this type of payment, because it means I have to trust the customer. I could finish the commission for them, and they could just vanish from the internet, not paying me. All the work for nothing...
  • Of course, something in between is also possible. You could, for example, sketch out the commission for someone, and if the customer likes it you could ask for money right then. Of course, you won't continue the commission until you've actually received the money, to prevent scams ;D

It is handy to put this kind of information in your "commission information" (see 2.3).

2.3 - Commission Information

What needs to be done second is putting down your commission information. People need to know what they can commission you and for what price, after all! There are many ways of presenting your commission information; for example on your profile page, in the commission widget itself, but I mostly like to keep this kind of information neat and tidy! Therefore I use a Journal to present my commission information.

Here's some examples of my old commission journals and my new one, for traditional/digital artwork:
Commissions - CLOSEDCommission information
Check below in this journal for the "How to commission me?" part.
Cheap Options!

Example: Pokémon styled animals, your OCs of closed species, really anything!
Up to 5 characters per commission! 
Only for $10! You get two characters for the discount price of $15! Three characters for $20, four characters for $25, and 5 characters for $30!
No background, no shading/very simply shading.

Chibi-style drawing of your OC!
$12 for one character, $20 for a couple.
No background.
Other types of commissions
  Experimental Commissions - Hatch the Eggs!Vixen's Experiments - hatch the eggs!
Always brewing and working with science, Vixen's experimentals are about to be opened... literally! New eggs have been found in the world of TerrApocalypse and are waiting to be hatched, each of them an ART surprise for you!
Depending on the egg you choose to hatch, you get an experimental artwork that does not exist in my gallery yet. Depending on the price the egg might contain cute chibis, dynamic full scenery artwork, animations, and so on. If you like the idea of receiving something experimental, and you wish to grab an egg (slot), then check below what you have to do:

The Options:


1. keokotheshadowfang
Here's a little bit of extra information on these commissions:
You always get fully finished artworks from me, that
  [CLOSED] $5 Semi-Chibi Busts or 5 for $20!I'm opening unlimited slots of semi-chibi busts of your Gemsonas, Bagbeans, Humanoid/Creature OCs, Closed/Open species, etc!
I'll do these busts in between my other art, since they're really nice stress-relievers for me! 
Plus, I just love this new little style <3
They will be drawn in the style of this one:

max ~ 500x500 pixels, .png, no background (transparent)
$5 or 550 points!
And there is a special deal as well! 
5 busts for $20 or 2200 points! Get one free!
What I will draw:
Your humanoid or animal/creature OCs (anthro/kemonomimi included)Young people, old people, I don't mind!GemsonasBagbeansPokémon / DigimonMLPWyngro, Weavers, Lantern Dragons, Stardusters, Browbirds......Other Closed/Open species!
What I won't draw:
FNAF charactersGore / vor

You can use it as an example if you like! See how in my newest commission journals I refer to my Terms Of Service? A T.O.S. is a journal that basically contains your rules.

Here's my T.O.S.:
Terms of Service Last updated on 15th of March 2017
General Information
I do not work with written contracts, since so many DeviantArt members are still too young for that. However, I do hope that when you commission me you will read my terms of service, and will try to keep 'to the rules' to avoid uncomfortable situations or misunderstandings either from me or you! <3
When you have questions, feel free to send me a note.
I will only start a commission after payment has been received.Various commission types might have various payment options. Normally I accept both Points and Paypal (USD), sometimes however only Paypal. When the payment is with points, please do not send them until I tell you where to send them to! I will make a certain button available on my commission widget. DO NOT send the points to my donation pool or as a 'gift'!
Deadlines and waiting times
I do not accept deadlines on any commission, no matter the price. This be

I also have an example commission journal for literature works:
Literature CommissionsLiterature Commissions
(You can write some personal message here, like "Hey" and "welcome" and stuff, maybe stating why you want to do literature commissions, and what made you start doing them, etc)
Types of Commissions
Short Story(1-2k words) - $xx / xx :points: 
(You can have a standard price for this, it would be great to make this a cheap commission)
(Provide some examples here by posting the thumbnails to stories you already made)
Story Chapters (~2k words per chapter, max 3 chapters) - $xx / xx :points:
(For people that want a chaptered story, but don't want to pay too much. You could give this a standard price as well)
(Provide some examples here by posting the thumbnails to stories you already made)
Custom Story - $xx / xx :points:, $xx / xx :points: for each extra 1000 words.
(For people that want more chapters, or a one-shot story that is over 2000 words. You provide a standard price fo

Again, just an example! You can use it if you like <3

Basically, the commission information needs to contain at least this:
  • Types of commissions; what types of artwork/literature can you offer?
  • Commission price; what price does your commission have? Do you have a standard price, or does the price go up when the commission (OC or story) is more detailed?
  • Optional: Do's and Don'ts; What do you like to draw/write, and what will you not accept?
  • Optional: Extra information; Basically, your commission 'rules'. See the two examples above for ideas!
  • Optional: Commission Form; a Form that people can fill in and note you with, so that all the commission information gets neatly in a row.
  • Optional: Commission slots; So that people can check how far you've progressed with a commission!
  • Optional: Preferred way of communication; Would you like to communicate about the commission in the way of notes, or rather email?

For those that prefer email over notes, and in order to also let non-DA people commission you, it's great to also mention your email address in your commission information!

2.4 - Pricing your commissions

This is probably one of the hardest things for many people! Let me just say it loud and clear; don't undersell yourself! If you're unsure about how to price your commissions, look at the minimum wage, and check how long you spend on a commission type. Is the minimum wage for your age $5 per hour, and do you spend 2 hours on a specific commission type? Then charge $10 for such a commission! Is the minimum wage for your age $10 and do you spend 3,5 hours on a specific commission type? Then charge $35 for such a commission! And so on.

After all, people don't buy the end product only, but also your TIME!

Asking the minimum wage for a commission is of course the lowest minimum you could ask for. If you really want to take your prices professional, you could also choose to take the art supplies into account. Not only traditional art uses art supplies! Digital art has them as well, and even literature, in the form of Software and a drawing tablet.

Still not sure how to price your art? It's okay to take inspiration from others. Find multiple artists that draw in a similar style as yours with a similar quality as yours, ánd check if they're from a similar country (since different countries have different wages per hour), and use their prices as an example. You might find a lot of artists that undersell themselves, simply because the competition on DeviantArt is high. This is exactly why I always have different types of commissions customers can choose from; also some "cheap" options, such as a more sketchy style or chibi-artworks that take me less time, so that people can also get a piece of art that doesn't directly cost $50.

3. Taking your first commissions - ADVERTISING

So now that all your commission information is set up, it is time to throw that journal in the World Wide Web, and try to get commissions. Don't be discouraged if you don't receive commission notes right away! I also had to wait some time before I got my first commission, and really wasn't that popular here on DA at all.

Sure it helps to already have a large group of watchers supporting what you do, but a lot of new and relatively unpopular people (like I was as well) will have a bit of a harder time. But do not fret, there are ways of getting your commission information out there!

3.1 - Groups

In the past years, ever since the introduction of Groups, I've found that most of the commission advertisement can best be done through groups. There is a huge amount of groups on DeviantArt that focuses especially on commissions, so you might just get a chance there!  The groups can also be used to find "looking for someone to draw for me" type of journals!

If people need help on how to join groups, which groups are good for starters, and how to add journals to a group, please ask me! I will make a more detailed tutorial about it then <3

3.2 - Raffles

That's right, in order to start your commissions, you can hold a raffle! Not only will more people start to notice you through the raffle, but the prize that people receive through the raffle is a great example for your commissions, and will link even more people towards your commission journal!

Here, have one of my example raffles!
Summer Art Raffle! CLOSED!WINNERS

The winners of this raffle are LonesomePine, DanaDani, Rumianyan! Congrats :D
Bullet; Orange You only have to leave a comment on this journal for your first ticket, but you can earn more tickets in the following ways:
Bullet; Orange By entering, you get your first ticket!
Bullet; Orange More tickets can be received by +watching, +faving this journal, and making a journal or poll linking to this raffle! That's 3 more tickets!
Bullet; Orange Two more tickets can be received by faving the following journals: Pay what you want Charity Commissions OPEN  and

See how people can receive optional extra tickets by +faving my commission journals? It's a great way to spread your information :D (Big Grin)
Make sure to submit your raffle journal to 100+ groups, so that many people will notice you.

3.3 - Forums

The DeviantArt forum is quite big and visited by many people, and therefore an awesome place to advertise! Do not be scared, just try it out ;D
Here is the link to the Job Services Forum, where most people put their commission information and offer commissions paid by real money:…
If you prefer getting paid by points and offer point commissions, then go to the Projects Forum instead:…
In the same way and on the same forum, people also post "looking for someone to draw for me" forum posts, so you might also want to try your chances there!

3.4 - Links

You can link to your commission information in the artist comment underneath your artworks, and you can also link to the commission information in your commission footer! Also make sure to have a link to your commission information on your front page ;D

In order to make a nice looking link, try the following code:
<*a href="PUT THE LINK TO THE COMMISSION JOURNAL HERE in between the quotation marks">Commission Information (or any other text)</a*>  And remove the *'s!!!

For example, if I do this with my own commission journal example, the result will look like this:
Commission Information

Neat huh? People don't see an ugly link, but they see a clickable text! Okay, moving on~

4. Handling a Commission - Do's and Don'ts

So you received your first commission, how exiting! Now here's some do's and don'ts for you, based on my own experience;


  • Keep communicating! Your customers would love to know how their commission is coming along. Make sure that you communicate with them at least once a month (but more is better)! One easy way to communicate the commission's status is to post a "to-do-list" on your front page that says how far done the commission is.
  • Ask your customer for references, and not only references of their character, but also if they want the character to be drawn in a specific pose, with a specific background, a colour palette, day/light/sunset atmosphere, etc. If the customer doesn't have these kind of references, you could also provide them with some examples of poses and colour palettes yourself ;D
  • Send Work In Progress pictures (WIPs)! I noticed that people love to receive at least the sketch for their commission. It is handy as well, because mistakes in the design can be pointed out by the customer, which saves you a lot of work.
  • When communicating, whether it is in comments or notes, stay professional and polite. It doesn't matter if the customer appears to be a rude person, always handle it in a polite way. Do not swear, stay calm, and reply normally.
  • If it works for you; Set aside a certain time on a certain day in which you will work on commissions. You can even learn your brain to "trigger" this specific time of the day, for example by eating a snack/drinking coffee (or tea) right before this specific time arrives. There are also wonderful apps for your mobile phone that can help you manage the time.
  • Entirely optional and mostly for digital artists, but I noticed that people really love when they see a stream or speedpaint of their commission. People told me it was nice to see how I work, and to also learn some more about photoshop/SAI/etc techniques ;D


  • Don't keep your customer waiting for months without letting them know anything from you. It's plain rude!
  • Don't finish a commission in one go, without checking with your customer. If something happens to be wrong in the end, this is your fault (if the customer communicated the commission details well enough), and even if the customer didn't provide enough detail, it's always nice to check if everything is looking fine to them. It's their money after all! ;D
  • Don't take more commissions than you can chew! I fell into this pitfall pretty hard. Not only will you stress yourself out by seeing the gigantic list of commissions still to do, but also will your customers have to wait long times for the art to be finished.
  • This also has to do with the previous point a little bit, but don't set deadlines on commissions if you're not sure you will be able to meet them! It will only stress you out. I don't mean that you just have to shove commissions aside entirely, but more that the time you take for a commission should be realistic ;D

What if you can't finish the commission?

It happens to all of us; sometimes a commission might prove to be too hard for you, sometimes we take too much that we can chew, sometimes life is too busy, and sometimes unfortunate things happen in life. At some point, you might realise that you simply cannot finish a commission. What to do?

Offer a refund. Especially if it has been MONTHS since the customer has paid. Don't be afraid, it is really the professional way to handle this! It is rude to keep those customers waiting, and while it might not feel right to do, it isn't right to keep your customers waiting for a long period, and it might make you feel stressed as well. It might even make you feel demotivated about drawing or writing. Now that doesn't help at all, does it?
Write a kind note to your customer, saying that unfortunately you cannot finish their commission anymore. You don't need to go into too much detail as for the why; it is not of their concern. Ask them kindly how they would like to receive their money back; through points (as a gift, donation?), or through Paypal? Make sure to include the paypal fee for them if you pay them back by Paypal.

That is, in my opinion, how you keep your commission business professional and how you can handle your customers well. Don't feel ashamed if you have to go through this situation! It can happen to all of us <3

When to say "No"...

Sometimes you might run upon a customer that is problematic in one way or another; the artwork they want from you might be too difficult for you to produce, or maybe you don't feel comfortable creating what the customer wants. It can even appear that a customer is simply very rude, or picky. Man, I've heard so much stories about artists not receiving any payment for their hard work, because the customer refuses to pay them... (which is frankly why I always choose to do payments beforehand!).

Anything can happen really. What to do in this case?

Say no. Save yourself the trouble! You have the right to turn people down. Just do it in a polite and professional way. Even if a customer is downright rude to you, keep calm, keep polite, keep professional.

Money might be tempting to keep a commission going, but what worth is this if this single commission causes so much distress and negativity? I would rather do multiple awesome commissions for returning customers than one negative/stressful commission.

It also is handy to include a rule in your commission information that says that you have the right to decline a commission! <3

Last but not least...

This guide is far from perfect, and mainly based on my own experiences! If anything's missing, feel free to leave a comment with suggestions <3 If anyone requests more detailed information about anything presented here (for example, sample screenshots with explanations), I will try to add them as well!

I hope this was useful in some way! Happy Commissioning! Love

Tags: #tutorial #how #commission #commissions #guide #to #set #up #setup #handle #and #start #begin #business #professional #payment #paypal #points #pay #do #work #deviantart #refund

Ask questions to my OCs - Character Interview

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 14, 2016, 2:34 AM

The poll has spoken; People mostly want to know more about Raserga, Esthrel, and the Bull-brothers (and minorly in Aragnes, Maane, Therice, and Garion).

Whenever I have some drawing time again, I will work on a nice character interview being presented by Raserga and mainly being about Esthrel and the Bull-brothers. But as for the questions that will be asked:

You can provide them <333

I'll make some questions myself too, of course, but blast-away with your questions! It doesn't matter how weird they are, or how inappropriate (hah), they will be included in the interview ;D Heck, if I have time, I'll even draw the interview as a little comic xD

So keep those questions coming!

You can directly ask questions to:
Raserga, the foxy-girl,
Esthrel, the light-magician,
Gideon and Gerard, the bull-brothers,

and even:
Aragnes, wood-protector,
Maane, bombing-maniac,
Therice, Earth-magician,
Garion, guardian of Briella.
(though these won't appear majorly)

Just, have fun xD

P.S. Here's some questions that might finally be answered as well ;D
Ask my OCs questions......and I'll answer with short stories.
Instead of doing another character interview, I thought I would do it a bit different this time. You can ask me questions about any of my TerrApocalypse OCs (even the unrevealed ones, heh), and I'll answer (or not) with a short story. I want to practice my writing skills once again, I haven't been writing real stories for so long...
What kind of questions?
Questions like "How does Person A react on Person B doing this". You may make them as crazy as you want!
Questions about the relationships between the characters.
You may also give me a word of inspiration or a theme, and I'll write something about it!
All revealed characters can be found here:

Questions answered:
Chains-the-fox "What is your favourite colour?" --> 

Shoutout to some *new* deviants! (+ raffle)

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 8, 2016, 10:06 AM

We all know how hard it is to get your art known to the wide internet, especially in the beginning of your DA 'career', so once in a while I love to make feature journals like these promoting some awesome artists that really deserve more attention <3

This time, my feature goes out to teakups and MaiNona!

teakups is an awesome artist who makes the cutest and most amazing colour palette artworks and who has a very unique style. They're also holding an amazing raffle so you can even win some of their art! Link below!
comm: space bun by teakups when u grab the wrong sheep by teakups electric love by teakups comm: crybaby by teakups 100 WATCHERS RAFFLE! -CLOSED-winners:

congrats Layneon and huskyhiccups !!! i cant wait to draw your characters :3
thank you everyone who participated! nd those who didnt win, there will be more raffles and opportunities in the future
i finally made it to 100 B)
so im gonna do a raffle!
ill choose 2 winners using a random number generator, and these winners will get a palette drawing like one of these:
-must be a watcher! (new watchers are welcome)
-must comment with a character reference!
-after you comment, ill give you a number that i will use for the number generator
-please dont complain if you dont win, ill do more in the future!
-you can get an extra number by advertising this raffle in a journal or poll and linking it with your comment! this will get you a higher chance of winning
-if you have a certain palette you want me to use, link me it in your comment *note: must
<-- RAFFLE!!!

MaiNona is an amazing artist with a unique painting style! Not only do I love her realistic interpretations of Pokémon, I also love her Gravity Falls artwork.
Stampede by MaiNona Fighting Xanthar by MaiNona Away To Me by MaiNona Eevee Encounter by MaiNona Cowwwww by MaiNona

Have fun, maybe you also like their art ;D

39 questions answered, 13 asked

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 29, 2016, 11:11 AM

I was tagged by both VikJones and Deskleaves to do this, and figured I could do it now; I need a little break from science writing anyway ;D
Edit: And now also by queenofeagles..!!!

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must share 13 things about them.
3. Answer the 13 questions asked about you, and invent 13 questions the people you tag will answer.
4. Tag 13 other people. 
5. Tag backs are ALLOWED.
6. Be creative with the title... No "I've been tagged" kinda things.
7. No saying, "Oh I'm sorry! I don't do tags!" (Or something along those 

Questions by VikJones:
1. What or who was the initial influence for your art style/writing style when you started to draw/write?
I've drawn since I was 2 years old, I seriously don't know if I had an influence back then xD I guess my main influences were my plushies and animals from animal books...

2. What or who is influencing you now?
Right now I am trying to find my own drawing style, and I draw all my characters from the head... No real influence there in the form of a "who"! As for the "what", poledancers and contortionists influence me the most, I use their videos and photos to study anatomy.

3. Do you have a specific set of habits or rituals you do when you draw/write?
Not really. According to my mood I will listen to music.

4. Would you like your project to be made into animated or life action show/movie? If so, how do you imagine it?
It would be pretty awesome to get TerrApocalypse as a life action movie of some kind, haha! I would be pretty strict with it, choosing all the actors myself, heck, even be the director or something xDDD I can dream. But it would be a damn amazing show.

5. Where do you get inspiration from? Don¨t be afraid to admit your inspiration comes from specific artists/movies/books/shows.
Let's take TerrApocalypse as an example; the main inspiration comes downright from my study; Earth Sciences. Without this study and the courses I followed, the project would never have existed. 
Inspiration for the characters comes from all over the place; World of Warcraft, certain manga like Stray Little Devil, and also from books like The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. 

6. If you could write/draw like one specific artist who would it be?
I would like to be able to write like Michelle Read (I love Vampire Academy's writing style, written single person). 

7. My beloved art teacher once told me that real artist never stops learning and improving. What is your opinion? Do you think one can come to the point when they say 'I'm good enough, I don¨t have to improve anything anymore'?
Nah, that can never happen, simply because there's way too much to learn. There's so many art styles one could learn to master!

8. If you could speak fluently one language aside your native one, which would it be?
Japanese <3

9. Do you like when your favorite artists stream?
I do! I don't always have time, but I love to stop by. 

10. Do you use references for your drawing? ( skip this if you're strictly a writer)
Of course, I love studying anatomy from difficult-posed stock photos.

11. What is the worst movie/show you've ever seen. Something so awful that you'd leave room if it started to play.
The Room. Oh, and also The Core, though for us Earth Scientists it's actually so goddamn funny that we will stay, watch, cringe, and laugh xD

12. Would you like to live somewhere else than where you currently live? Where?
New Zealand! Even if it's only for a little while to visit all the film locations of LOTR and The Hobbit.

13. If you could change one physical thing about yourself, what would it be?
Nothing really xD I am perfectly happy with myself.

Questions by Deskleaves:
1. What country do you live in?:
The Netherlands at the moment of writing ;D

2. What kind of music do you listen to?:
Oh dear pretzels, so much. Rock, metal, jazz, blues, movie and series OSTs, J-pop, sometimes popular radio music, classical music (I love it), you name it. I don't listen to rap.

3. What's the best book you ever read?:
Discovery of Heaven (De ontdekking van de hemel) by Harry Mulisch

4. Zombies or aliens?:
Definitely aliens. Zombies freak me out.

5. Have you ever stood up for another person?:
So often, of course!

6. Have you ever rescued an animal?:
Many, many birds that would fall out of their nest and were too young to fend for themselves. While 80% didn't survive because they were just WAY too young (just out of the egg), 20% survived, and that was always amazing <3 I also rescued a dragonfly that was drowning in a pool in the mountains, and let it dry on my hand, only to discover it only had 3 wings left out of 4 (one was torn). Surprisingly, after half an hour, it was dry, flapped its wings, and took off from my hand perfectly fine, and it flew away after flying two circles around me. Here is a photo of said dragonfly, it was quite amazing to photograph it <3
Broken Wing by Vixenkiba

7. What is your most favorite treat?:
That will always be sweet strawberry with chocolate.

8. If you had 500.00 of money, what would you spend it on?:
To buy art :'D And the leftovers I would spend on traveling I guess.

9. Have you ever been to the beach?:
I have lived at the beach for almost my whole life xD So yeah, super often!

10. What's the most disgusting thing you ever deliberately ate?:

11. Have you ever had to sleep rough?:
Yep, quite often during fieldwork. I've slept on bare rock for weeks, and it was amazing <3 Plus, your arm is quite a good pillow!

12: Do you like to snuggle?:
Definitely <3

13: What's the most recent act of kindness you committed?:
Eh, I have been working so hard the past weeks, I haven't left the house in so long... But let's see, I helped a deviant financially by buying their adopts and unsold designs, I helped a roommate with her deadlines by checking her thesis on grammar mistakes and readability, and cooked my house a huge "I am back" meal... If that all counts. 
In Oman, we handed out bags of Oreo cookies to the little kids from a faraway town, they had such huge smiles <3 They treasured the cookies like they were gold, so we gave them more :')

Questions by queenofeagles:
1. What do you like more: rocky cliff coasts or sandy ones?
I am more a rocky cliff person ;D Did you guess that?

2. Are you also an idiot like me who gets way to happy when the weather gets terribly stormy?
Well, depending on where I am.. Yes! When I'm inside some house, able to watch the thunder and hear the wind, then yes I will be perfectly happy. But when I'm outside on a fieldwork, then just no...

3. What's the colour of your socks?
Dark blue right now xD

4. What kind of superpower would you like to have?
Being able to fly

5. Do you have bike-fixing skills? Because I have a patient here that can use some help ;) (Wink) (Okay, I can fix my own bike, I just lack the time!)
Pffff, to some degree. I can fix, remove, and apply tyres, and oil all the stuff, and clean all the stuff, and I can fix brakes if they're of the handbrake type.

6. What does your dream pair of slippers look like?
What the heck kind of question is that :'D Uhmmm, I guess I already own them; white with a lot of black swirls, I think they're pretty!

7. Are you a worldbuilder/storyteller? If yes: what's the hardest part of it?
Thinking of all the different storylines and folklore is easy... To glue them together into a fitting timeline is the most difficult!

8. What's the weirdest source of inspiration you've ever used? (I'm quite ashamed of mine: the terrorist attacks in Paris and Brussels have proven to be quite useful for me for a certain aspect of my story. Ugh.)
Wtf, that is quite weird indeed!!! Do my weird dreams count as a source of inspiration? A whole organisation in my story comes downright from a single dream.

9. What would you like to see me draw?
Smexy MorganxOrion in action

10. If you could be a certain someone for one day, who would it be?
Pffff, eeeeh, gee, can it be my own character? If so, I would love to change into Terra for a day to know her suffering, and because horns are sexy. *cough*

11. How would you describe your own drawing/writing style?
Floppish xD It still changes all way too much, is way to incoherent, so much needs to be fixed. Luckily I have all the time for that!

12. My father-in-law celebrates his birthday this weekend. What should I give him?
Is he into beer? Then give him Kwak with a special Kwak glass, you know, the type of glass that needs a holder to put it down. 
I don't know any of his hobbies or whatever, but based on that you could give him; dvds of his favourite tv series, cooking stuff, food stuff, a drawing?

13. For the people who know them: which one of my character do you think will probably be the most aggressive? Go here for pics:…
While my first answer would be Orion... When I think about it, it could actually also be Selanji hahaha!!!

Questions for you:
1. How many times have you moved in your life?
2. Have you ever seen mountains? Not hills, but really rock mountains ;D Which mountains?
3. Without looking it up on the internet, what do you think "ophiolites" are?
4. The forever discussion... Mac or Windows?
5. What's your favourite (board)game?
6. What's your favourite tv series?
7. Do you have a written/drawn project yourself? Tell me a little bit about it <3
8. If you have OCs, show me your main/favourite one, and tell me a little fact about them!
9. What class do you play in an MMO game? Tank, DPS, Support, or Healer? Warrior, Paladin, Rogue, Ranger, Priest, Mage, etc?
10. Have you ever cosplayed or dressed up as a fictional character? Show me show me show meeee <3
11. Do you collect something?
12. What did/do you study, or want to study?
13. And for the people who know TerrApocalypse a little bit... Are there characters in the cast that you ship? ;D I'm afraid not all folders here have art, but some of you at least know the characters a little bit :'D…

For these questions I tag: queenofeagles, Wiliart, keokotheshadowfang, LaCorbie, Deskleaves, RabidWuff, Epic-Soldier, @nillluka, TrainScribbler, TheLastUnicorn1985, DruidPeter, VikJones, RomanJones and anyone else that feels excited to do this! Don't feel obliged to do this though, that would be silly ;D

Update: Small Hiatus, and no more commissions!

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 23, 2016, 5:27 AM

Hey awesome people!

Like explained in my journal here:  No more commissions for a while!Hey awesome people!
Hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day, no matter if you celebrated it or not ;D Mine was BUSY and I'm almost collapsing into sleep, but I just wanted to write this little journal xD
I mainly want to announce that sadly I'm going to stop taking commissions, YCH auctions, and raffles for a long while, for the very simple reason that starting from April I will most likely not have the time for it anymore because of busy times here! Not only because of that, also because honestly I don't like doing commissions, because art for money just stresses me out. All needs to be perfect, and it takes me twice or thrice as long to finish a commission piece, and commissions often make me art-block.
Instead, starting from April, I will be focusing on TerrApocalypse and finally finish the Prologue that has been sketched for months, and I will try to improve my artstyle with lots of Pokémon art ;D Next to all of that, I will be doing more of something else I love to do;
 I am no longer taking commissions! After I've finished some leftover chibi-artworks, I also probably won't be doing those anymore, save for some I want to finish for some friends, and a very occasional Terian one ;D 

I really like where I'm heading with my artwork, especially my style and anatomy that's improving, and I wish to improve it lots and lots more for TerrApocalypse <3 From now on, I will (almost) purely start to do art as stress relief and for my own fun, because my life is busy enough as it is. I hope you all can understand!

That being said, I will go on a small hiatus to go on a fieldwork, and will return mid-March on my Birthday on the 18th, hahaha :'D It's ironic but nice to be back on my birthday. 

Have a nice time here while I'm gone! <3


Meet the artist

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 19, 2016, 2:55 AM

Stolen from KaetlynShae <3


dA Username:  Vixenkiba

Name: Louise

Nicknames and/or Preferred Names:  Vix, Vixen, Kiba

Country: The Netherlands

Zodiac Sign: Pisces


Number of Past Accounts: 0

Number of Past Usernames: 1

First Username: vixenkiba without a capital V

Original Join Date:  Aug 6 2007

Premium Member? Yes

Watchers: 1071

Deviations: 300

Favorites: 16,973



Favorite Digital Art Program: Paint Tool SAI, combined with Photoshop CS3

Favorite Traditional Art Medium: Ballpoint pen

Favorite dA Artists: Geez, look up my "inspirations" on my profile page, but some all time favourites are Kate-FoX and shilin 

Favorite Movies: Lots! LOTR/Hobbit trilogy, Cloud Atlas, Beauty and the Beast, Wolf Children

Favorite TV Shows: I have so many. Tora Dora (anime), Docter Quinn (tv-series), MLP, Pillars of the Earth, Scrubs, Gravity Falls, and recently also How I met your Mother (no spoilers please, I am in season 4!)

Favorite Music Artists/Bands: Oh so many... Devin Townsend Project, Meat Loaf, Avenged Sevenfold, Van Canto, Rammstein, Metalicca, to name a few

Fandoms You're Stuck In: Pokémon, Sonic the Hedgehog (both Archie and SEGA). Oh, and also definitely The Hobbit.


Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religious Affiliation: None

Pets:  My dogs Bingo and Sam, though they're more often at my parent's place ;D

Number of Family Members in Household: Mother, father, stepfather, and I still have all my grandparents

Scars? One on my butt from removing a huge mole, and I added one scar half a year ago from burning my arm on a hot steel pan

Tattoos? 0

Piercings? None. Nope, even not my ears!

Alcohol? Totally xD Mostly (Belgium and Dutch) special beer, but also wine, whiskey, rum, and fruity yummy stuff

Drugs? Did truffles once

Height: 168 cm, or errr, 5'6"?

Weight: 67 kg, or (stupid american system) 147 lb?



Digital or Traditional? Digital

Beach or Mountains? Mountains

Dolphins or Sharks? Sharks

Would you rather fight 100 third graders or one at a time? Ooooh, 100 sounds epic

On sunny days, you: Go outside to walk the dogs, or visit a grocery store further away to have an excuse to walk ;D

On rainy days, you: Sit behind the computer, working, drawing, or I lie in bed listening to the rain with a book <3

On hot days, you: Get the hell outside, Vitamin D baby!

On cold days, you: Get outside <3 Especially if there is snow. But I also then like to take hot chocolate milk with cream 8D



Oh joy these again. I'm going to be unoriginal with these, and just looking around my room for inspiration!

1) I collect animal skins and bones. So far for skins, I have 5 bunnies, 2 weasels, 1 and a half fox, 1 calf, some scraps, and one Wolf <3

2) My room is my personal little museum! I also collect nice looking alcohol bottles, and am very proud of four different sized Liquor 43 bottles next to each other.

3) (looks around) Next to that, I have a Pokémon figurine collection that's over 500 figurines big.

4) And a manga + comic collection that fills more than a single bookcase. 

5) I play the piano, though I don't have much time for it anymore!

6) I have a working planetarium that I still need to set up. I really want to learn more about constellations and astronomy.

7) My roommates that I now live with for 2,5 years, have never seen me with make-up. I only put on make-up for parties where I have to play the host, serving people food and drinks.

8) I am a real classical music lover and often visit concerts, especially if they play Rachmaninov.

9) Because of my love for classical music, I just LOVE cities like Prague, Vienna, Berlin, etc.

10) Uuuuh, I need to clean my room.



How many OCs do you have? Too many really, but the currently active ones are "only" 25 or so.

What fandom do most of them belong to? I have a few in the Pokémon Township universe now, but most belong to my own stories.

 Which one is your favorite? At the moment Gabriël, who still hasn't been introduced to my gallery, haha! But of course also Therice, Raserga, Nordin, Garion, and the brothers Gideon and Gerard.

Which one do you draw the most? Right now? Gabriël

Do you request work of them? Always

Do you ship them with other people's characters, or your own? Ship Gabriël with other people's characters, but no one will touch my TerrApocalypse characters. They will only be shipped with my other OCs.

Do you roleplay with them? Only with Gabriël and Eclipse

How do you keep track of them? Put them in their own neat folder

Are there any that you would make real if you had the chance? Definitely Therice. Though she wouldn't like me for it.


When did you get into art? From really early, I have drawings in my drawing-box that are from when I was 1,5 years old!

What art-related sites have you ever signed up for? DeviantArt was my first, I started here at 15. I also tried Tumblr.

Show us your oldest piece of art you have on hand: 
Here, my first artwork I uploaded to DA, from when I was 15:
Wicked wolf by Vixenkiba
It was also the second artwork I coloured digitally! I had no idea what I was doing -snorts-

What defines your artistic style? My style still changes so much in my opinion. But people always said my overall drawing style is very recognisable. I draw chibi's differently than others, and my early style is very influenced by Korean Manhwa and Sonic the Hedgehog.

What levels of artistic education have you had? Artistic education? I never had anything like that, haha!

Show us at least one picture you drew or sketched recently that you did not put on a public site. 
Goodness, uuuh. The only stuff I have, is stuff of Gabriël, but I don't want to spoiler it. Sorry!

What do you like most about your art? I love my improvement at the moment. I noticed I'm getting much better at anatomy, especially over the last year, and I noticed I'm starting to get the hang of different colouring styles. 

What do you like least about your art? I feel like I have way too many styles now, and I want to generate one recognisable style for myself.

Have you ever considered taking commissions? Of course

Are you looking to pursue a career in art? Never.

What do you like drawing the most? Male anatomy

What do you like drawing the least? OCs from others with horrible colour palettes.

Do you draw more fanart or original art? Original.

What would you absolutely refuse to draw? Scat stuff. Diapers. Inflation.

What is your purpose for drawing? I owe people so much art Stress relief. I hope.

What medium/program do you use the most in your art? Paint Tool SAI

List at least one of your “artspirations.” I want to do art nouveaus!

What do you think you could stand to improve on? Backgrounds, blending

Update, PTS, and Xmas!

Wed Dec 2, 2015, 3:50 AM
Hey all!

This journal doesn't directly mean that I will be much more active, but I'm trying to! :'D Still damn busy for my thesis, and will be until March or something. I hope you're all doing well!


I've finished a bunch of commissions in the past week, but... I am so not happy with how the colouring turned out. As in REALLY not happy. I feel like my colouring style is fluctuating every 5 minutes @_@ Anyone else know what I mean?

I'm going to do the colouring parts over, until I'm satisfied with the style. And speaking about style, as you can guess, I'm still trying to find the colouring style that suits me the most :') Therefore, I am starting a style challenge (colouring only) for myself this month, using small and cute Pokémon to practice on. So if you see a lot of Pokémon stuff from me this month, you know the reason!

Which brings me to the following:



This amazing RP group will open its doors for the last day in 11 hours! This group is truly amazing, and for anyone who owns an RP(G) group on their own, you can learn a lot from them. I am at the moment learning a lot from them, so that TerrApocalypse will become awesome in 2016! =) If you love Pokémon, drawing, and RPing, grab your chance and join the group! I can highly recommend it :D


This month must be the busiest month for everyone. For me, it's also filled with merry jolly evenings with friends and family, and I hope that in between all of that I'll have the time to fulfill some of the wishes from the Wishlists that I received <3 Right now, Stargazing with queenofeagles, and playing Dominion with her and Wiliart are definitely on my to-do list, but I hope to fulfill other wishes as well =P

Have a nice December everyone!

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The Ukrainian dog shelter "Friend" is doing an amazing job in saving dogs, cats, and other animals, from the Ukrainian areas hit by war. So far, they have over 500(!) dogs in their shelter which they take care of, and every week they save more and more war victimised creatures. They even help in finding them all a new home, in lots of European countries, even The Netherlands and UK!…

They do need donations though, since vaccinations and operations are expensive enough as it is. 20 bucks already cover one vaccination! I'm donating to them right now, because I think these animals have seen enough trouble in their lives, and maybe from the extra money they can get a nice Xmas present <3

I got the information from VikJones, who's work even organised a charity event for this dog shelter!


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Deskleaves Art Raffle!

Wed Nov 11, 2015, 3:24 AM

Christmas Wishlist

Mon Nov 9, 2015, 3:38 PM
I just loved this idea, which I found in queenofeagles' journal, and which was saniika's original idea! Everyone likes being happy during Christmas, and giving presents to people is one of my favourite things to do during the month December. The idea is to make your own Christmas Wishlist, share it, and grant the wish of someone else. No obligations, just do it if you feel like it, and you might just get something in return!

Please post your own wishlist here: Elf christmas Wishlist 2015

Step 1.

Make a post in your dA journal . The post should contain your list of 10 holiday wishes. The wishes can be anything at all, from simple and fandom-related ("I'd love a Snape/Hermione icon that's just for me") to medium ("I wish for _____ on DVD") to really big ("All I want for Christmas is a new car/computer/house/TV.") The important thing is, make sure these wishes are things you really, truly want.

If you wish for real-life things (not fics or icons), make sure you include some sort of contact info in your post, whether it's your address or just your email address where Santa (or one of his elves) could get in touch with you.

Step 2.

Surf around your friends list (or friends friends, or just random journals) to see who has posted their list. And now here's the important part:
If you see a wish you can grant, and it's in your heart to do so, make someone's wish come true. Sometimes someone's trash is another's treasure, and if you have a leather jacket you don't want or a gift certificate you won't use--or even know where you could get someone's dream purebred Basset Hound for free--do it.

You needn't spend money on these wishes unless you want to. The point isn't to put people out, it's to provide everyone a chance to be someone else's holiday elf--to spread the joy. Gifts can be made anonymously or not--it's your call.

There are no rules with this project, no guarantees, and no strings attached. Just...wish, and it might come true. Give, and you might receive. And you'll have the joy of knowing you made someone's holiday special.

Step 3.

My wishlist:

  1. To finish my thesis with good results :D
  2. I really want a plush doll of the little purple dragon baby (Swelesourus Jr.) from the game Zack&Wiki xD… Though the game itself is already so unknown, I bet merchandise of it just doesn't exist, haha!
  3. Of course, fan art of my characters is always welcome! You can find them all here:…
  4. I wish for more tiiiiime <3 So I can have more fun with my friends :D
  5. Feedback on my art is also always welcome <3 Especially on my writing. I'm trying to improve myself! :D
  6. I wish to give some more recognition to the artists that I really love here! Here is one of my favourite folders full of artists that I love and wish to give some more attention <3…
  7. I wish to play lots of Dominion in the upcoming months ;D
  8. I wish for everyone living here and around me to stop smoking; think of your health, people!
  9. I wish for lots of happiness for everybody, being obtained by presents, hugs, laughter, etc! Let's have some fun <3
  10. I wish to have a look at your wishlist! Maybe I can do something nice for you <3

Christmas Elves, don't be afraid to note me ;D

Cheers, ya'all!

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Commission_Art Nouveau TerrApocalypse by VikJones
This beautiful artwork of Therice was made by VikJones and I'm loving it so much! If you like, please leave a comment on it, because I would love to give this artist the attention he deserves <333


P.S. Still super busy with my master thesis. It's a few chaotic months here! Sorry if you don't hear that much from me, but I'm still here, haha!

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