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Welcome by Dri-Bee

Therice pagedoll by Vixenkiba Raserga pagedoll by Vixenkiba

Hi and welcome to my DA profile! I'm Vixenkiba, but you can also call me Vixen, Ki, or whatever! :)

Some quick page rules <3
Please do:
♥ Talk to me! I love meeting new people!
♥ Ask me if you need help with anything!
♥ Credit me where needed <3

Please don't:
❥ Swear to me on my page or in notes; keep it nice
❥ Repost my artwork
❥ Trace my artwork, use it as a render
❥ Ask if my characters are for sale; none are

Buy Me A Coffee at


Commissions | Not anymore
Art Trades | Still no time
Requests | Nope
Kiribans | Nowhere soon
Raffle | Maybe later!
Contest | Soon-ish!


Things to do

To do list:

All will be done pretty slow at the moment! I am very busy irl ;D

Warmerdam sounds like Warhammer

- queenofeagles [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Drawing) by ShittyChan
(smoothing out animation)
- CD Cover [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Not Started) by ShittyChan

Work that needs some attention!
- Birthday presents [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Sketched) by ShittyChan
- Page revamp and guide chapters
- New ID
- Little Bday gift for Delta
- Fanart for Queen
- Art of Sam

- LonesomePine [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Drawing) by ShittyChan
- DanaDani [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Drawing) by ShittyChan
- Rumianyan [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Drawing) by ShittyChan

Click Here!

- Skeleton Sky [F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Sketched) by ShittyChan
- "Twists and Turns", Khorrek and Nordin flirting/who's-the-bestest
- Collab: Hot guys in Hot tub
- ''Obsessions'': Snow Angel
- VixenXK art
- Vixen jumphug Matt
- MTB Vixen

Progress Bars
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Not Started) by ShittyChan
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Sketched) by ShittyChan
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Drawing) by ShittyChan
Progress bar - Flatcolour by Vixenkiba
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Coloring) by ShittyChan
Progress bar - shading by Vixenkiba
[F2U]Progress Bar - Rainbow Star (Posted) by ShittyChan

More stuff


Expecting art from:

:bulletorange: tabithia (Sep 6th 2015) (5/8 done)
:bulletorange: EratoTiaTuatha (Jan 20th 2016)
:bulletorange: VikJones [paid]
:bulletorange: Deskleaves x2
:bulletorange: hen-tie (Aug 1st 2016)
:bulletorange: Riuuzu
:bulletorange: DramonKiller x5
:bulletorange: keokotheshadowfang (not paid yet)
:bulletorange: CrashesIntoSpace
:bulletorange: bluepepo [not paid yet]
:bulletorange: Jerlyy

Note to self:

Art Feature!
New commission from VikJones :love:
Commission_TerrApocalypse_4 by VikJones

Newest commish from Deskleaves <333
Bullock-Lammer family portrait by Deskleaves

New commish from Riuuzu :heart:
[EC] Rah by Riuuzu

Fresh from keokotheshadowfang :love:
Terra in the City by keokotheshadowfang

Custom Box Header Inspiration by Dri-Bee
:icondeskleaves: :iconepic-soldier: :iconbutterfrog: :iconwhispwill: :iconshilin: :iconmegatruh: :icontatchit: :icongriffsnuff: :iconbuilt4ever: :iconavionetca: :iconqueenofeagles: :iconyuni: :iconkate-fox: :iconcerberyusu: :iconnoaqh: :iconvikjones: :iconembassyoftime: :iconvusiuz: :iconmoonshen: :iconmaximeplasse: :iconnathanfowkesart: :iconindustrial-forest: :iconowen-c: :iconvalentina-remenar: :iconpjynico: :iconhen-tie: :iconriuuzu: :iconkeokotheshadowfang:

My Commission Recommendations!

Birb dance by MF99K


Skin designed & coded by CypherVisor

Guess what?! I was once again tagged by queenofeagles, the sweetheart :3

The rules: You can reupload these questions, but make sure you credit LiteraryPenguin as the original source. Please only use characters from your current WIP. You may only use the same character twice. Please provide a brief description of your story before beginning. Please provide an explanation as to why you picked whichever character you picked. And finally, have fun with this, and tag some of your best writing buddies!

Hahaha, let's start the new year with writing a new story blurb from the top of my head! Let's try not copy-pasting the existing ones already, shall we..? 
Here is my own gallery folder containing TerrApocalypse work;…
And here is a folder with art created by other awesome people;…

In our time's present and near future, humankind has caused an apocalypse to rage over the earth in the form of many destructing wars. Now, many centuries later, mankind has been divided into two large groups of people, each with their own beliefs, technological evolution, and their own magic. The Federation lives in the big, steam-technology driven cities, filled with humans and machinery. Their people believe that mankind is made to advance, and everything involved with deep nature is scary and evil. Deep in the forests dwell the people of the Force of Nature. Their people believe that Earth rules over mankind, and anything involving damaging the landscape or interfering with the Earth's balance is outrageous and a sin. Two contradicting groups, one big division. And now war threatens between them once again...

During this time, six children, all with very different stories, have grown up together and formed a close group called the Airborne, widely known in the area of The Waterlands for having stopped a major political riot and for all their services far and wide. Having grown up, all of them have taken their own path, meeting new friends and enemies along the way. When a big threat arrives, all of them come together again after a long period filled with changes in opinions, beliefs, and personality. Will the Airborne be able to save the world from a threat once again, or will their opinions stand in the way for the mission to crash and fail?

(Ugh, my goodness, why did you have to tag me during a science day Queen, I couldn't help writing this journal NOW, and now I feel like this story blurb has a horrible scientific-paper structure :'D )

And here we have our Airborne characters, Therice, Raserga, Revarie, Nordin, Mike, and Garion. Oh, and Esthrel as well:
Terra - full body by queenofeagles Foxes by griffsnuff Rouse - Rascal by Vixenkiba [TA] Nordin the Thief by Vixenkiba Mike the Steamkite by Vixenkiba Commission_TerrApocalypse_4 by VikJones Esthrel - Light Magician of Briela by Vixenkiba
This also reminds me that I really need to make awesome new art of most of my characters.

Now, back to school! All of these characters went to school in the city Briella, some a bit longer than others *coughs at Nordin*, and here are some questions for them:

1. Who overslept on their first day back? 

Mike, though it was definitely Nordin's fault. Nordin didn't want to go to school, and Mike had been trying to basically drag him there, being late himself in the progress. I don't count Nordin; he was basically always late or simply not there!

2. Which one of your characters would you want to have as your lab partner? 

Therice. Do I even need to explain? I guess I do, hah! It says in the rules. Therice is a very hard working girl and is actually really interested in her school subjects. Next to that, she went on to study geology, a study I'm now doing my PhD in, and she is able to create f*cking earthquakes with her staff... Do I need to say more? xD

3. Which character didn't get the memo that Booty Shorts are in fact, NOT dress code? 

Revarie, so much Revarie. Rev' never really cared, she loved dressing in seducing ways during her highschool times. Raserga would become a bit more like that in her older years.

4. Which character would most likely throw a senior prank that ended in failure and injury? 

Whahaha, that would be Nordin, he's the one to always go a bit too far just to see what happens! Though I must say, Mike also had his share of stupid pranks... During his younger years he would feel a bit more bad about it though, that changed when he got older and Nordin wasn't at his side anymore.

5. If you were to walk into the school cafeteria one day and find several tables filled with different cliques of all of your characters, which table would you sit at? (Note: the "Only use the same character twice" rule does not apply here)

Mmmmh, this depends on how old I would be! If I were in middle/highschool, I would sit down at Therice's and Esthrel's table, aka the more quiet and serious girls who don't laugh in your face. Nowadays however, I would totally sit down at Raserga and Revarie's table, aka, continuous laughter and fun and gossip! Yes, I've changed a bit xD

 6. Which character is the head bitch in this school's group of "Mean Girls"? (Note: Yes, you do not have to answer with a female character) 

Both Revarie and Raserga definitely have the possibility to take this role, but let's say we're at college/university for a change... It would be Mike. Mike has changed so much from when he was a sweet, caring boy. He can now be a complete asshole!

7. Someone has the brilliant idea to throw a crazy party while their parents are gone! Who would do it?

Nordin, and oh would Therice disapprove of that so much. Later-age it would be Mike. 

8. Which character decides to play hooky, but gets caught at the very last minute?

This would actually be Garion! Nordin always plays hooky, but never gets caught ;D No, there are courses at highschool that Garion has zero interest in, and it often happened that instead of going to those classes, Garion sneaked out to go train instead. He loved playing various ballsports at some point and was quite good at it. 

9. Which character actually deserves to have their head shoved into a toilet? 

Geez, both Mike and Nordin really need a good flush, but I've used them too much already for these questions. I will have to move on to characters not in the Airborne list! Esthrel's father definitely needs to be completely washed down though. No spoilers though.

10. Finally, ignoring the rule that you can only use the same characters twice, which of your characters would make the ideal Breakfast Club? (This means, which group of characters would be the most interesting to see in detention together?)

Can't I just have all of them together? At various years? That would be super interesting. Mmmmh, no, if we place Revarie, Raserga, and Esthrel together, we would get a catfight. Placing Nordin, Garion, and Mike together would give a ...dogfight? Cat=female and dog=male? It would certainly be interesting seeing Nordin and Garion smacking each other together. Poor Therice would be so sad to see Mike in the breakfast club though!
Let's just place Mike, Nordin, Revarie, and Raserga together, those poor detention-observer people wouldn't know what to do with that hyperactive rofling and lmaoing bunch!

There! I was supposed to tag people huh? Well, keokotheshadowfang, DruidPeter, Deskleaves, it would be awesome to get to know your characters a bit more in this silly way, but only if you're up to do it, haha!



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Here's some other locations where I and my project, TerrApocalypse, can be found:

Patreon-plz by Patreon-plz Patreon:
Tumblr by Th3EmOo tumblr:
Tapastic icon by Vixenkiba Tapastic:…
Smackjeeves icon by Vixenkiba SmackJeeves:…
Twitter by Th3EmOo Twitter:


Goodness, I''m loving the new update with infinity scroll-able galleries! :love: Makes my life so much easier. I definitely needed it while making this: 
Improvement Meme - 2007-2016 by Vixenkiba
FML, to those thieves that tried to steal the back wheel of my mountainbike, couldn't you at least have put the wheel back on so that I could get home fast after a labworkday that ended at 23:00?!
(To my OC Nordin; I still love you, even if you're a thief)
The raffle and contest journals will be delayed a little bit <3 They're not finished yet (the contest one is pretty big) and I don't have time to work on them for days. Expect them hopefully the upcoming weekend!
I'm thinking of holding an Autumn Raffle on the 21st of September, the day of the autumnal equinox ;D

In addition, starting on the same day, I will hold my yearly design contest! (since it has been roughly a year now, I love design contests, and I just decided to try to do one every year xD)
I now have an active Twitter, go there for some WIP sketches! <3

Advertising a bit for some amazing DA friends, because they're awesome people that make the world a better place <3 

1 deviant said There's VikJones who is fundraising for a dog asylum and handing out commissions in return for your help:
1 deviant said Very special requestHello you guys!
Today, I have a very special request. This is Bull Azyl 
They are an asylum for abandoned, neglected, abused and unfitting dogs, mostly for pit bull typed dogs but also for mutts who have some pit bull blod in them and very often also for doggos who have nothing to do with pit bulls at all. They are amazing people completely devoted to their good doing. They take down puppy mills, report and sue abusive dog owners, rehabilitate neglected, socially unfitting dogs, take perfect care of them and do everything a man can do for them. They upload everything they do on facebook, including veterinary invoices so when you send them money you know for what cause. They recently started a transparent bank account where you can see what they do with the money.
My mom works on the clinic where they take their rescues and I have Maggie, the puppy mill rescue
Commission_Art Nouveau TerrApocalypse by VikJones
1 deviant said Fund raising :VI have a friend who is trying to dig their way out of debt and she needs some help. She's someone who has helped me a lot in the past, and I'd love to return the favor.
Another very young friend is due in the hospital for surgery of the stomach and intestines. This operation is going to be very serious, and the recovery period is going to be very long. The friend going in for surgery is scared and depressed and feeling alone, but their best friend lives over an hour away and nobody will help them get together. I am trying to raise money for a bus ticket.
You could help me by making suggestions of what you think will sell well, and I'll be reducing my prices on adopts in the future.
TOMORROW I will be releasing a new species. If 100 of these new creatures are sold, I will make them a limitless, free, open species for everyone to use.
ADOPTS:  Performer Peedle (OPEN) by Deskleaves ADOPTS: Seed Peedle (OPEN) by Deskleaves
No deviants said There's Deskleaves who is fundraising for some people in need, and also making adopts to help them:
No deviants said There's OpalPeony who just made me happy with an awesome commission and who I like to give some attention:
No deviants said CommissionHey guys I'm doing 7 ten dollar commissions. Chino or basic color character pics. Pm if interested.
comission for a friend by OpalPeony


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