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A New Rant Appeared! Adoptables.

Wed Mar 25, 2015, 10:15 AM
Hiya luvs <3

I'm just going to type a silly little rant here, which is two-fold: creating adoptables and bidding on adoptables. You don't have to read this if you don't like rants, I just want to get it off my chest and I would also love it to hear your opinions!

Creating adoptables

I'm shamelessly going to copy this part from my adoptables-account.

In a week I've learned how stressful an adopt account can be. It's okay to create and sell adopts when you've got a lot of time on your hands, but when you don't I noticed it can be awful xD Let me explain:

Creating adopts really comes as easy to me as eating pie. For my pony adopts for example, I sit down, focus on a single idea, and within half an hour I have a new Steampunk/Western pony. However, for people to notice your adopts, there is really only one way for a newbie and fresh started adopt-maker like me; submitting the artworks to groups, and a lot of groups. And here is exactly where the stress starts for me. Every group has its own rules about accepting and declining adopts. Some decline my adopts, because I put "MLP" trademark title in the title. Some decline my adopts, because I DIDN'T put "MLP" in the title, and submitted it to the MLP group instead of no-MLP group, while, clearly, it's a MLP adopt. Some decline my MLP raffle adopt, which is free, and should be put in the "free adopts" folder instead of the "MLP" folder. See what I mean? There's such a disorganization in most groups, so much folders to choose from, your adopts often fit in multiple groups, and you're bound to the decision of a 13-year old "group manager" who simply clicks "decline" without giving you any reason whatsoever and leaves you in the dust. 

I think I've spent 90% of the time of this account on group submitting/replying to declined adopts/changing stuff in the adopt details, and only 10% on actually making the adopts, and that's really frustrating xD All I want with this account is to happily create adopts for people who like to get a nice design. Not be frustrated by the horrible organizations of the way-too-many groups out there. Sigh. 

This is why you haven't seen any updates from me in the past few days. I will work on adopts again, and some updates on that can be found below in this journal, but expect adopts to be only made during the weekends, when I actually have some time for this bullshit. Sorry, I stuttered. 

Bidding on adoptables

Now bidding on adoptables is a whole different thing, but it comes often down to the same problem that causes stress; disorganization. But also: Not keeping to your own rules.

A recent example I have is the following. Rules: Adopt will be closed Midnight 25th. What this really means, is that the adopt will be closed on 24:00 from the 25th to the 26th. What happened, was that the bidding was suddenly closed at 15:00 on the 25th. According to the designer, the bidding would have been closed "24:00 24th to the 25th", so actually, according from their own words, they were even late with closing the adopt. This means that I, having had my last bid on the 24th, would have won the adopt, and that the person who bid on the 25th should have been too late. So what happened? The person who bid too late won, because the designer had reacted too late, and instead of keeping to their own rules, they bend them and changed the time just like that. Also, according to the real interpretation of Midnight 25th, the auction wasn't even over ready, and I wasn't given any chance to bid further, because the "auction is closed when CLOSED is typed in the title". This is not how it goes. This is complete bullshit. Sorry, I stuttered.

I really don't want to appear being butthurt at the moment, because honestly, I don't even care that I lost that auction. What annoys me, is that people don't keep to their own rules, that mistakes and confusion easily appear in this way, and that I just hope the DeviantArt adoption world will become a little bit more fair. No more rule-bending, just being clear. I know lots of people who manage their adopt account in an okay way, too, by the way ;D

The example I mentioned is just one example of many I have, by the way. In no way I mean to harm the people who manage their adopt accounts, I just want to make a point. 

I just want to make clear, that adopters from who I see this behaviour, appear on my blacklist. How can I trust them if they bend their own rules? I don't mind if they care about having one customer less or not, I know that I would care about my customers, and hope I'm being clear enough on my own adoptable account ^^

Rant over for now! This journal is long enough. Does anyone else have experiences with adopts they want to share?



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